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  1. First greeting for 2015! Im restarting my hunting again!
  2. Wow, this forum now become so quiet. Everyone become parents and hobby died?
  3. QC check in Malaysia is pretty bad?
  4. I have hauls, just no time to post hehe. Keep it up!
  5. Some latest haul. Love the Flintstones car and italian M3s haha..
  6. NSX Concept, VW Kombo, M250, 918 Spyder
  7. Hi guys, I haven't posted anything in 2 and a half years. Started a new hobby of buying diapers and milk powder so I slowed down this hobby alot. However I managed to accumulate some nice HW cars on and off. Here's some fantastic 5packs I found. World Race: Countach, Aventador, Furai, 177, Esprit
  8. I'm game.. got some stuff to let go. Stock overflow.Last week of Feb i'm quite free..
  9. Wow someone's been really hardworking.. haha.. congrats!
  10. Pick-up some current cars during a recent promotion. Red Ferrari FF, white F458, black Reventon, grey Estoque, Ken Block Ford Fiesta, green Shelby Spoiler: Lime green Lotus Evora, purple Panamera & orange Miura
  11. Reventon is yours but Red Porsche not yet find spare leh..
  12. After a long dry spell from hauling, I landed a big one (by my standards) yesterday. Some shiny Lambo Reventons, matt white Superleggaras, AM 177, Californias, white 350Z, red 911 GT2 & white GT3 RS, blue Corvette.
  13. CKH: Ok bro I keep it in the freezer for u to make sure it's extra fresh Just swapped an Evora & S2000 for a Lotus Sports & Aston 177. Happy happy!!
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