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  1. Bro, very nice lah. I wanna order a few pcs lah.. For my son, my wife, my dad, my fren, my boss.... Can ah?? Hehe.
  2. Thank you all for the wishes. Really thank you for reminding me that I'm older...again. Ahahaha....
  3. hey Daniel, thanx for the custom DD. Though my boy doesnt really know how to apprciate it at the moment, but im sure he will in the future. Already started poisoning him..
  4. Huah, really great lah. So many nice cars. Congrats. U need 2 thnx ur wife alot then. Haha....
  5. Hehe, bot some stuff from ere just now. Nice seller n good price oso. Thx bro.
  6. skyvyruz

    Old Hauls...

    fuyoh, manyak hijau lah...
  7. bro, im intrested in these: set 2 motor home, set 5 ford anglia panel, Dairy Delivery, Delivery '49 Ford C.O.E., Delivery Deco Delivery. PM me for pricing pls. tq..
  8. Hey, thx 2 u oso. Nice 2 trade wit u. Trima kasih bro.
  9. For me, if base on normal style of hunting, not very hardcore but not very lazy oso, dapat 1pc super/ yr pun kira ok mah.. Coz I oso got 1 onli after 1 yr plus
  10. bro, can pm me ur green dairy delivery?
  11. this is de 1 I hav bro, but dunno how 2 post pics, haha. http://i632.photobucket.com/albums/uu46/kiaruzkinx/2010Batmobile.jpg
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