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  1. Thanks for leaving behind one DC Panel
  2. Aiyaa....Camaro again. Congrats Master PY.
  3. Congrats Atom. 2 weeks in a row scoring big time. Chevelle proven to be the among the hardest superized to score.
  4. 8ight - Forget me not if you find extra. You can guess which of your 5 defenders that I'm still lacking.
  5. I know a guy who has Mattel uniform. He swore he never used it this way
  6. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-pcs7qObnJEo/TvMhttBpClI/AAAAAAAAcv0/1dMkTmDHJ0o/s1600/MustTH1.jpg Thanks Bro.
  7. Lots of nice tampo MBX basic. Yet to get another white defender for my carded collection. This is better than the beige safari. This has metal body.
  8. Just wondering if anybody knows if Siku's trailer made of metal or just plastic?
  9. Haven't seen post of '67 Ford Mustang yet. Can member here kindly enough to redirect me, please.
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