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  1. hi all customers and car enthusiast heres my attempt to make zebra stripes - just to learn something new than flames :p house mate went out for week so i get chance and sprayed with white and grey primer and hand paint to it expect anothers to SAFARI 3000 team VW bus(MBX) that side been first...hard to copy zebra stripes by pictures litlle bit of thinkin on it and that side is more better result from back other angles in meanwhile drying primer i scratch dodge custom van (motu)wheels donor car the yelow-line looks better on it bajabreaker(mainline)with couple of old RRs and finaly CAMARO irocZ and with his superised brothers thanks for look and word happy huntin
  2. rhyanone

    rhyans finds

    some nice trade from UK
  3. rhyanone

    2011 Q case

    i love the ford falcon
  4. rhyanone

    rhyans finds

    thanks guys i really like the whole stuff...i opened few and had noticed the hiden error only for openers
  5. rhyanone

    rhyans finds

    hi collectors and car lovers...here is my another haul some are from trades some are from various webs in CZ thank all who trade with me thanks for look and word
  6. love that new skyline...want one for sure
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