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  1. Keep them coming bro! AWESOME Ferrari Racers and looking forward to your Moster Jam fleet!! Cheers and happy hunting,
  2. Bro Joshua Lambos here fly off the pegs before you can say 'oops' Reventon Roadsters here fly off before you can even think of the word One day the safety plug might just go 'snap' and I'll hunt it down like mad Still no luck on that model Wonder if there's any kind soul(s) who would kindly let go of his/her/their extras... Cheers and happy hunting,
  3. Bro waiting for your hauls' individual pics soon Cheers and happy hunting,
  4. crackerjack

    HL's haul

    Huileng UGPM Cheers and happy hunting,
  5. crackerjack

    HL's haul

    Haha HL you very lucky hwcars got extra Evo Must say thank you to him wor~ Cheers and happy hunting,
  6. Bro you very lucky la still can find Reventon Roadster la Here you wont even get a sniff at it Bro down south still have many SMs available? Cheers and happy hunting,
  7. crackerjack

    HL's haul

    Huileng you wanty to find Evo ah? You have to be at least rajin like Zedd or more rajin then him Next time if you see again the Lambo and BMW can help me get ah? Thanks ya Cheers and happy hunting,
  8. Never mind la HL gone ma gone lor Next time you know what to look out for la Tapi sayang la C4 always like to fold the HW cards and put into doom boxes Cheers and happy hunting,
  9. Ya checked out the photos d I have the Mini liao hehehe No roof also Mini mah Seems that you like quite a lot of castings ah HL ah moi Cheers and happy hunting,
  10. Wow nice find bro! Hope you can find the gold colour car as well BTW bro what type of castings do you like? Care to share a bit? Cheers and happy hunting,
  11. Bro hwcars your father's shoplot is a 2-storey lot right? Maybe you can rent the ground floor to other tenants and keep the second floor for your own use Or convert the whole lot to a HW cafe-showroom for rent-gathering place of sorts I am sure JB has a healthy group of collectors who would like to have a gathering place of their own Cheers and happy hunting,
  12. Bro hwcars hope you get your computer server fixed soon Yup got some items but compiling pictures at the moment Will upload them once I am done No sign of new waves at your end bro? Cheers and happy hunting,
  13. So you checked how the mini looks like d? Nice or not? Cheers and happy hunting,
  14. Bro Zedd, fablokejw already scored his Scuderia THunt Can check his haul page Congrats to him on getting it Cheers and happy hunting,
  15. Yup noticed it thanks bro fablokejw How silly of me not to spot it Cheers and happy hunting,
  16. Nice haul bro congrats Bro hwcars can you point out the error Mazda to me? Cant notice it eyes must be failing me Cheers and happy hunting,
  17. What regular THunt did you found bro? Cheers and happy hunting,
  18. Yeah really enjoyed myself at last night's gathering bro Got to meet with fellow collectors from the forum Still got quite some way to go and learn before evolving But will always enjoy hunting Especially when you find something really nice that you collect Cheers and happy hunting,
  19. URGHHHHHH SMs!!!!!!!!! Can show me tomorrow bro? Cheers and happy hunting,
  20. Haha wasn't online yesterday so late in replying this thread Thank you very much huileng for the RAOK I dont mind the card In fact the card helps me remind that this is a token from you Very useful reminder indeed Can help me get the green card? Potong macam ini pun never mind I'll take it anyway Like bro Zedd said THunt will remain a Thunt no matter what happens to the card Thank you so much terlebih dahulu ya Hui Leng Cheers and happy hunting,
  21. Bro hwcars looking forward to your Operation Toycars showroom Now bro Zedd becoming a collector of another class Evolving is a suitable word for him Me still newbie still need to grow Cheers and happy hunting,
  22. Congrats to bro Zedd for the amazing hauls Maybe you can consider becoming a full fledged ringmaster I bet you can be as big as Barnum and Bailey's circus Congrats to bro hwcars for getting your '49 Drag Merc Zedd maybe I can help you pass it to hwcars if I go there for X'mas Been a long time since I celebrated the festival down south Looks like the signs are telling me I should make the long awaited trip Oh and bro can I have the Ferrari California please Cheers and happy hunting,
  23. Huileng UGPM Next time come my place I belanja you ais krim potong Cheers and happy hunting
  24. Wow bro congrats for the nice finds Especially the $upers very nice To think that you almost missed it...really lucky fella you are bro Cheers and happy hunting,
  25. Wow quite a revamp from the original Hiway Hauler by Mattel LUCKILY it doesnt look like anything in the catalogue Cheers and happy hunting,
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