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Poem "Am I Enough?"

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Am I Enough?” 11-13-08

I sit and ponder the wonders of his love and dream of staying in that place of awe and wonder.

I would hear his voice of thunder like a mighty rushing wind dance within my ears that caused a reverence of his holy fear within.

I remember the nights he would draw so near I would tremble in the light of His presence.

The essence of his beauty captured me and caused my hunger and thirst to grow so deep that every drink I took was in Him.

I began to be this shoot that came out of him like the tree that sprouted a new limb, I was now grafted in Him.

As I began to grow I began to see the beauty within myself through my father eyes of His tender love and mercy that consumed me.

Walking through this garden of His love and knowing who he was in me and I am in Him a sudden turn I took onto another path began.

A different path of love in a wilderness I had yet to discover.

This path tested me in areas where I did not know I had other lovers besides him; it was then the real love walk began. I could not see or feel where my lover was and missed His tender touch, and his voice that thundered in my heart, I was faint and I felt so lost with out Him.

The cost of this walk consumed me and I could not see past the stuff in me that blinded me.

My knees where scraped from falling and my thirst grew stronger as the days on this path grew longer.

I cried out for my Fathers return but I felt he could not hear me.

The hot sun beat upon me and I became dark and unlovely.

This was the ultimate test if I would turn from him or turn to him.

After all of me was stripped away I swayed back and forth as I had tears stream down my face and I grew weak and weary in my frame from the aches of pain in my body that over whelmed me.

All of a sudden I heard a voice from behind me say,” Am I enough?”

I trembled at His voice as He appeared before me.

I tilted my head down with such sorrow and grief tears streaming down my cheeks.

I stumbled over my words as I tried to speak and said,” I have nothing and you are all I have left what kept you from me?”

He turned to me and said,” I was here all along I was the very breath you breathed, and I was the one who begin to show you the other lovers that still lived within you, and I was the one who showed you all the sins that still remained.”

I became overwhelmed when he turned to me again and said,” I do not want fair weathered friends but those who give me their whole hearts and it is I who only remains.”

I saw the fire of His love dance within his eyes when I had realized all needed to be stripped away in a place where old lovers could no longer hide and the hidden sin being exposed those I did not even know of.

My Father put His arms around me and said,” well done my daughter well done.”

He turned to me and said those famous words again, “ when all is stripped away and your body fails you, when those close to you pass away, and when your friends betray you, ”will I be enough?”

I was left speechless and undone before him with the words that still echo in my ears, “Am I enough?”

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OH MY GOSH, Jeanie! I love every word! So totally awesome is our God. He is our Beloved and we are the Beloved of the Lord!

Connie :cmere:

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Wow Jeanie what a Journey, I could see your journey through your words. It reminds me of a Psalm. So beautifull. Our beloved is so wonderful... I can see your relationship Him and His with you it is so precious...

Love, Lori

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