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How to deal with fear?

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I know the Bible says fear not but today I was hit but this feeling of fear.

Fear of the black mold in the bathroom?

Fear of childbirth?
how do you deal with it?

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Years ago, my pastor told me that fear meant...

F - false
E - evidence
A - appearing
R - real

The devil will blow up all type of things to cause you to not have a sound mind. I suggest you read on the love of God in 1 John 4. One of my favorite "fear" scriptures is...Perfect love casts out ALL fear. When you understand the love of God...the unconditional love that GOD has for you, it will drive the fear out of your life because then you will understand that he will NEVER allow anything to happen to you.

See it from the eyes of a mom (because you are one). You would move heaven and high water to protect your child. God's love for us is immeasurable compared to ours, so how much more will He do for us?

How do you deal with it? Renew your mind and when fear begins to come, quote the scriptures that you learn and the Word is living and power...sharper than any two edged sword...IT WILL FIGHT FEAR FOR YOU!!!!!

be blessed!!

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Get every scripture that you can find about love, and fear. Begin quoting those scriptures verbally. This is to build up your faith with the pure word of the Lord. Fear is a spirit. What you are basically doing is driving the enemy off with the truth of the word. There are many scriptures, so numerous...The word is alive and sharp, it is heavy and destroys yokes. What the scriptures that you are speaking will do is destroy the yoke of fear. Everybody gets afraid, but you want to be courageous in the face of things that may scare you, because God is for you,not against you, and if He is for you, ain't enough people and demons in all creation that can come equal to who is against you.

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