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True Flight

Testimony with a warning.

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This was a while back, but its still relevent for today.

My younger brother was out with a freind and his girlfreind. It was a cold winter day with deep snow, they found a parking lot and towed each other around on an intertube. My brother (Tom) was being pulled, when the driver whiped him around.
At about 65 mph Tom hit a steel beam head on. His freinds paniked and left him lying in the snow as they went searching for a phone.
45 minutes had passed by the time help arived.
He was taken to the emergency room were they tryed to restrain him, adreniline runs high in this kind of incident.
They straped him to the gurnny, but he was able to break free, all the time cursing and trying to hit people.

They finely got him into surgery, where they removed part of the front lobe of his brain.
They drilled a hole in his skull and placed a preasure gage in it, we were informed if it went over a certain amount he would most certainly die, but if he dint he would be nothing more then a vegatable.

At the time my dad was the only Christen in the family. He flew out and stayed at the hospital every day praying for Tom.

My dad was in ICU praying for Tom on the 27th day of his comma, when alarms started to sound and the doctors and nurses were called to 2 diffrent people having Heart attacks at the same time. Then moments later a 3rd person had a heart attack.
That's when the preasure on the gage in Tom's head started to rise. My dad called for help but there was no one left to help.

So my dad started to pray, but as he did Tom just got worse untill he died.
My dad cryed out to God,(Father I have done all you asked and all I know to do, yet my child has died)
God replied (No you havent done everything)
So my dad says to God (what is it that I have not done?)
And God replied (You have not given him to me)
So my dad went back into prayer and gave Tom into the hands of God.

Tom, as he died saw a pit open at the foot of the bed, he slid into that pit and demons reached up, grabing at his feet to pull him down. Tom clawed at the sides of the pit but was still draged further and further into a dark pit.

But then Jesus apeared at the top of the pit, and he said (If you call on my name, I will save you)
Tom yelled the name of Jesus with all that he could muster.

My dad as he was praying saw my brother take a deep breath, and he new that Tom was alive and not in a comma but only sleeping.

The preasure gage had gone way high, so the doctors informed us that if he woke up he would never walk, allways were a dipper, never talk and so on.
It was about 3 mounths and he was released from the hospital, walking and talking.
It was still a long journy ahead of him, and later he found Jesus and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

He now has a wife and 3 daughters.
He became a Journyman Plumber
and later opened a Hospice.
He now owns 2 Hospice's
And works at Lowe's as the head of the plumbing department.

This is maybe one of the greates healings in my family, but there are many more I could tell of.

This testimony comes with a warning,
There is a New Age movement flowing threw our Church's, It has gotten into some very prominant Church's.
They are moving in sighns and wonders, there praising God and there preaching the word.

They tend to say God is working in a new way.

God told me that he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

You guys be alert, and dont fall for the gimics of the enemy.

Be diligent and focus on God, not the signs and wonders.

I went to speak out against Benny Hinn one time and God said (Dont you dare speak against my Profit)
If I ever felt like God was on the verg of striking me down, that was the moment.

I'm not going to name, Names but Pastor Hinn and those like him are not the ones I'm talking about.
Just be carefull out there.

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Interesting...I've had that subject on my mind lately....New age in the churches.
I've been reading about New Age more just to get familiar with and so I can recognize it. It is SOOO...whats the word.....closely related yet so deceiving. I see how the body of Christ can be misguided.
I have heard the messages on the New Way God is moving....and your right...He is the same yesterday, today and forever. At the same time.....the world is changing so much. So I think thats another way people are misguided.
Maybe because I have been off the scene for awhile but, I feel like He's just showing himself MORE. He's letting us know MORE and more each day that HE is still in control. I find that encouraging that God would show us signs and wonders...but another good point you made....it's all about the Kingdom of God.

I have listened to a certain preacher for over a year that has spoken on lots of messages that touched my heart. Now it's different....now I feel iffy on what is said. I feel like things are being left out, cut off....and things are being added and twisted

32What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it.

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I can't find the words and that's unlike me...thanks TF!!!! My heart still...WOW!

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Hi True Flight -

Thank you SOOO MUCH for posting this! We need to hear both the testimony of God's love/faithfulness/miracles to be encouraged and remain steadfast in our faith. We need to also remember that prayer changes things and the "BUT GOD" in situations - prayer is our most powerful weapon in any situation. And we also need to be reminded to keep our eyes and ears open and to read the Word regularly so that it can settle in our spirits and we can discern that which is from God versus that which is not. This New Age/humanist movement is so clandestine because it operates with a kind and gentle and loving (but scripturally inaccurate) approach. It subtlely mistates and twists the context of scripture and biblical principles so unless one is very well versed in the Word, it is VERY easy to become misled. Unfortunate, some of our own members appear to have fallen into this teaching so we have to pray for them and prayerfully correct them when the false teachings surface.

Thank you again, this post in right on time!!

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TF sorry if this is off...was that a typo or a slick one(hinn-- profit???)
i am chuckling over here over and over.

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WOW, what a beautiful testimony . God is so wonderful.. He's so worthy to be praised.. thank u for sharing this w/us...His mercy endureth forever.

and yes it is scary...

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