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Delightful soul

God's doin a new thing!

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Hi guys,

I wanted to share about what God has been doing in my life of late as it is pretty awesome!

The past couple of years have been pretty full on and I got sick in April and it has taken me till now to get better. But in the process of things, i was on medication that made it difficult to drive long distances.
Also due to being sick, I slept most of the time and was not going to church. But this was not the only reason I did not go to church. I am in a rural town and there are alot of places which I have been to that are very religious. I found a church that my friend went to for a while but they were very clicky. I have noticed that alot of places have been clicky and anyhow this had really hurt me. From some of the past experiences I have had many years ago with church, I had been rejected alot and for the past few years had pretty much given up going to church altogether.

Anyhow I had been praying about this about a month ago and I really felt that God wanted me to give things another go so I said to God "where do I go"? He lead me in the phone book to a place about half an hour away and cause of the driving issues, I was very nervous about whether i would be able to see clearly to drive back home. But I stepped out in faith. when I got to the church they had a visiting speaker who was a prophet evangelist and he gave me one of the most powerful words I have ever had.

He was there the following night and so after the trip home went well from the morning meeting, I decided to go to the night and actually drove there and back in the night time, which was a miracle in itself!!
I invited some friends and they got healed and blessed and also the prophet when he gave me the prophecy he could not stop telling me how excited he was for my life!!He said I had been hurt in my past and that leaders had pushed me aside, but that God was going to see to it that His plan for my life would come to pass!

Since then I have gone to this new church and have been so excited about every sunday. God has also challenged me to start putting tracts in letter boxes and I have printed nearly two and a half thousand!
My eyes have been healed of the effects of medication it seems and I have been challenged to give over and above like never before. I wake up every day excited about life and my prayer life has quadrupled!

I just want to thank God and let you all know about this transformation. God has healed me of old hurts and I could tell you all more about some of the emotional hurts he has healed and is healing, but it would take a book!

Bless you all for being here to read this and I hope to share more as I know and trust God is doing a new thing in my life!

praying happy dance

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I'm just reading this post now, but I could so relate to what you said about churches. I've been so, so hurt by them. I live in a rural area too and they're either unbiblical or extremely legalistic or clicky like you said. I finally found a Bible study and the leaders have connections to some awesome spirit-filled teachers, evangelists, preachers, prophets, musicians and so finally I'm being admidst the brethern again. I'm so glad you found a place to go to and your eyes are cooperating. :praiseg-d:

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thanks Deborah........guess what.....today I went for a drive and drove to and from a place that is about 1 hour and a half away........this is 3 hours of driving thereabouts.........i have not done this in years!!!!!!!!!!!!


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