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Jesus Christ and a little girl

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One day, Jesus was talking to a little girl named Tammy and they decided to tell eachother how much they loved eachother:

Tammy: I love you from the Garden of Gethsemane to Mt. Zion.
Jesus: Well, I love you all the way from New York to California.
Tammy: I love you all the way around the the Arctic Circle seven times!
Jesus: I love you all around the word seven times!
Tammy: I love you around our solar system.
Jesus: I love you all around the Milky Way.
Tammy: I love you to the distance around three galaxies.
Jesus: I love you all the way from the earth to Heaven!

And they went on and on til Tammy ran out of things to say.

Tammy: I love you...um...uh... to almost infinity!
Jesus: You know how much I love you?
Tammy: How much?
Jesus: It's more than infinity, even if infinity has no end.
Tammy: Go on.
Jesus:... I love you this much... (Jesus is refering to the hole in his wrist.
Tammy: Oh Jesus! You know I' can't top that!
Jesus: It's supposed to be that way.

Tammy, being so touched, puts her little hand on both sides of Jesus's head and kisses him on his cheek. Jesus picks her up and kisses her forehead.

God's love is beyond measure. It's more than the heart can feel or bear. It's too much for mind to understand or even conceive. We don't have the capacity. What great love!

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I love it! Your post has blessed me !!!! thank you !

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This is a beautiful poem :) I love the hands on either side of Jesus face gesture... it is a beautiful one, full of trust and intimacy. I love the thought of Jesus playing this game with his children - I play this game with my kids. Thanks for blessing us by sharing your gift.

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