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  1. I live in France(Paris) and I can tell you that Islam is smashing all they can .Forcing people to live by them belief with fear and violence. I dream a lot of islamist against christians Thank you for praying
  2. I agree Deborah :)Nothing can replace the word of God but it can help people relate at some point.
  3. Hi Thank you for you post. I wanted to learn how to defend myself against anybody dangerous and this topic is on point. think woman and children should know how to defend themselves and call for help. Nothing wrong woth learning selfdefense or having a spray(i don't know the name that makes you cough and cry) :) God bless you
  4. yeah I have seen many negative comments, that to me was superficial and sometimes religious. Like would God show himself as a black fat mama I can't believe that is all people could keep from the book. It really inspired me to get to know God more and believe in wants my best and truely love me. Why were you disappointed at the end??
  5. Hi, My step mother offered me the shack i red it all in 2 days.The book was so interesting! What about U ? Have you red it?
  6. I love it! Your post has blessed me !!!! thank you !
  7. Hi Emily, I see your pain.. I don't know what you are going through but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Father, I pray for Emily for you perfect peace to come in her life. I pray that everything against your will in her life go away now. I pray that you give your daughter patience and trust in you in every circumstances. Please heal every sorrow and pain and fear and surround her with peace. I pray in Yeshoua's wonderful and powerful name. AMEN !! My english is not perfect sorry :/
  8. Nina

    Let it snow!

    I always loved to know how to write song or poetry but unfortunately i'm not good at it :( I have imagination but don't know how to write it down Good song though ;)
  9. Hi I was highly touched by your post. I'm going through hard times myself mentally. It is hard and someties ask myself where is God? why did he let it happen? Did I do him wrong?etc... Stay strong ! It's one day after another, God has not forgotten you my friend. Lord, I pray for my brother in pain, I pray that your precious blood heals him entirely. I pray for your peace and comfort. I pray Oh Lord That what the devil has destroyed, you restore. In Yeshoua's wonderful and mighty name Amen!
  10. Yeah they are!!!!! I love them God has blessed me . Thank you .
  11. Father I come to you in the name of Jesus. I pray for your dear daughter, open the door that needs to be open. Connect her to the precious people for her singing carer. Father we ask you to make your daughter to be a real testimony of your love, holiness favor for all the people she will cross. Father I pray that through her ministry thousands and thousands runs to you for salvation, and bring back prodigal children in Jeus name i prayed. We love you God you are precious to us. Amen Amen and amen!
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