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  1. Vanilla. Strawberry cheese cake or strawberry shortcake?
  2. The mystery boxes of Halloween clothes and scarecrow eggs, also haven't left us yet :p Maybe they're gonna be up until this week only. They can be bought from your pet's house.
  3. I think Lin Yao wore the Queen of Hearts Taira with the Ballerina dress and the Hermes winged Sandals
  4. Can I swap my Pineapple for a Chicken, Tiger or Octopus?
  5. Can I have White Swimming Suit and Water Drop Hat? Thanks.
  6. Can I have these? Lazar, I will miss you in my friends list.. Back then, I always look forward on seeing your pet when I visit everyday
  7. I have a werewolf and an extra mad scientist Smile Can I swap for a Zombie girl and a Clown? Anyone?
  8. Ahoy! Welcome to PSFC :3 I hope you enjoy your stay.
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