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Everything posted by staraki

  1. me too...i cant wait any moreeee...
  2. Please Mr Balls Up WoMan can I have ball number 19?
  3. staraki

    Doll shop....

    hi can i have Leprachaun doll for 3*999 pls?
  4. hi are Love Heart Hairband and Love heart shades still available?
  5. all item is sent please check tq for trading :dancing: all received..thanks a lot. adding rep for you..pls add yours.
  6. Please Mr Balls up Women can i have ball number 33?
  7. all sent and received..thank you very much.... adding rep for you now..
  8. sure no problem..i also send them in the morning..goodnight..
  9. hi all received except the yellow luxurious bauble.. :wub: can i also have poncho, maroon baret, old mirror, leather boot, silver toaster, karate suit and 2009 cake (19*999)? may i have a discount? thank you..
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