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  1. that's why I never use the brush...
  2. Hi, would anybody swap my snow heart for a cute penguin or bunny?
  3. sliba

    PSFC toolbar

    That's good news :biggrin: :
  4. sliba

    PSFC toolbar

    I find it really useful, especially the "Play pet society" button which pops up a new window to play PS in. But now they 've added that brown bar on the top, and the chest doesn't fit anymore into the popup window Do you think this is something which can be fixed?
  5. ok, sent you f/r items received/sent, thank you so much . Rep + added
  6. Hi, I missed Baju Melayu + Songkok + White Trousers a few weeks ago Can I buy one set at 3*999 ?
  7. oh, sorry miss your post i am looking for more Ah ok ... maybe 15cc?
  8. I read that plum pudding is given at 10*4999, does it convert to 10 cc?
  9. Oooh, I'm so proud to be a safe trader now 8) :4: Thank you very much
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