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  1. that's why I never use the brush...
  2. Hi, would anybody swap my snow heart for a cute penguin or bunny?
  3. sliba

    PSFC toolbar

    That's good news :biggrin: :
  4. sliba

    PSFC toolbar

    I find it really useful, especially the "Play pet society" button which pops up a new window to play PS in. But now they 've added that brown bar on the top, and the chest doesn't fit anymore into the popup window Do you think this is something which can be fixed?
  5. ok, sent you f/r items received/sent, thank you so much . Rep + added
  6. Hi, I missed Baju Melayu + Songkok + White Trousers a few weeks ago Can I buy one set at 3*999 ?
  7. oh, sorry miss your post i am looking for more Ah ok ... maybe 15cc?
  8. I read that plum pudding is given at 10*4999, does it convert to 10 cc?
  9. Oooh, I'm so proud to be a safe trader now 8) :4: Thank you very much
  10. Hi everybody, here's the application form I just filled I would like to nominate myself for a Safe Traders Badge: PSFC Forum Name: sliba Playfish Forum Name: sliba Facebook Name: Silvia Meili Pets Name: sliba Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#/silvia.meili?ref=profile Trading links: 1. http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/facebook-trading-f2/yet-another-2999-shop-maybe-there-s-something-your-pet-needs-the-new-palette-decor-t2682.htm with lea75 2. http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/facebook-trading-f2/yet-another-2999-shop-maybe-there-s-something-your-pet-needs-the-new-palette-decor-t2682.htm with azulina 3. http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/facebook-trading-f2/yet-another-2999-shop-maybe-there-s-something-your-pet-needs-the-new-palette-decor-t2682-20.htm with pengie 4. http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/facebook-trading-f2/yet-another-2999-shop-maybe-there-s-something-your-pet-needs-the-new-palette-decor-t2682-20.htm with teris1994 5. http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/facebook-trading-f2/nis-food-w-some-junk-i-need-to-get-rid-of-t2615-60.htm#84576 with mangoberri 6. http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/facebook-trading-f2/faerie-mystery-egg-items-t2117-160.htm#83225 with berhala 7. http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/facebook-trading-f2/past-tws-selling-cheap-buy-now-updated-t2256-20.htm See you soon
  11. Swap performed -a very fast one- now sliba has her new faerie shoes
  12. f/r accepted, I'll send you the window as soon as I can connect to PS EDIT: window sent
  13. Hi, do you or someone else have any spare shoes to swap? Maybe for a window?
  14. Hi, do you or someone else have any spare shoes to swap?
  15. Just received :dance4: now I'll try to add you a rep as soon as I learn PS I rep+ all of your posts here, and PPS please note that the rep- on the opening post was A MISTAKE she is a very smooth trader :drinks: Sooner or later I'll manage to give a visitor message
  16. It should be working now . I saw there was something wrong . It's the profile I am using for trading, though, not mine. If I have to use my main contact, please let me know. I also changed my pet's name as they didn't match :Oops:
  17. Ehm, should it be visible on my signature? And sholud it be the same as I use for trading?
  18. Sure, please send me a f/r just sent you the items :roll: Is everything ok???
  19. Sure, please send me a f/r just sent you the items :roll:
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