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  1. Fortunately, you get lots of coins every day from your visits.
  2. Caliah

    Would you rather...

    tiger pearls or diamonds?
  3. California- Metro Station What's your motto?
  4. jumping up and down and spitting to get the vinegar taste out of his mouth...
  5. Yes, please add me You need to fix your link, though.
  6. Caliah

    Showers now clean pets!

    it's very cool, but totally not fair
  7. Wow, what an amazing room! The "staircase" alone is gorgeous!
  8. Caliah

    Paw Pounds?

    ooh thanks for clearing that up, as a site newbie I was confused too >.
  9. haha my pet's done that...but only when i had the april fool poo in my inventory, so I guess maybe that's why?
  10. Wow, that was funny That's so much effort to put it together too!!
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