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Everything posted by chickensprinkle

  1. sweetened orange juice or apple juice
  2. i think a while ago, you were able to trade paw points for items in the game, but i don't think they have them anymore
  3. 1) pet society 2) restaurant city 3) country story they're all from playfish
  4. lol, when i saw the topic, i thought artist as in painting artist anyways, i love lady gaga and la roux
  5. Please Mr Balls Up Woman can I have ball number 48 edited b/c # was already taken
  6. i feel like i always get 50 too, i was so happy when i got 1000 once
  7. trade accepted! thanks for the trade
  8. i don't think they have new items every week.
  9. if you need vanilla, i can trade you for pork, butter, beef, pumpkin, or banana
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