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  1. lol. well i was adding random TOF people for RC ingredients the other day and saw this fb group . it's amazing! you basically add people who post there, and they post if they earned a golden trophy and have it on their wall. so, you add them and collect the 5000coins and free ingredient, and in return post there aswell if you get a trophy i think you can collect about 20 gifts a day (bonus coins, GK gifts etc) .so you can easily earn a 100k coins every day !!! Sorry to edit your post sweetie, but you should always ask a forum moderator before adding links to groups or sites. Even from facebook thank you! Myladyyawo forum moderator
  2. I'm not sure where to post these, but i presume that spoilers are allowed it's nothing much but it's pretty awesome - Main - Dessert - Drink i found these on some blog so i don't have them in bigger res =/
  3. definantly a new toilet and more kitchen stuff.
  4. trenutno nemam nikakvih ideja
  5. thank you!! i'm still trying to find my way around threads etc since i only visited the spoilers before
  6. oh i remember you were saying something about it. congrats!!
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