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  1. speaking of the cock and bull story,it originates from stoney stratford,two coaching inns were always vying for top honours in turning round the coaches,the cock and the bull are still open today,go visit or stay over,watch a band,its a good rideout,
  2. very slick piece of video,reckon you have a girl with an eye on a media career there,very intuitive for such a young age,i tip my hat to you.
  3. strewth dave,best not let the wife loose down there,i'll never live it down with a pair of the green un on the back of my ride,lmfao
  4. i really hope you find something that meets the needs man,good skills like yours should not be wasted,teaching sounds a really viable bet to me,chin up bro,ride easy.
  5. hers a few pics of my bikes,almost standard,what you see is what they are,borh a joy to ride.not sure how to upload folks,can someone help me out,im new to this lark http://i1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff458/jeffski/jeffszed1.jpghttp://i1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff458/jeffski/ZZR1200_front_left.jpg heres the links,hope they work1
  6. im in two bands,both with the same main musicians,the first ones a lynyrd skynyrd tribute, and the other is a fun side project,just some good ol sixties and seventies rock n roll,stuff,just so we can let what hair some of us have down.if you ever attended the bmf around 2003-2006 and saw a band called strangers,i was the drummer for them,headlined there 3 times with them,also supported suzi quattro at a mag do.
  7. too many of em,playing in the band and studio work now and again,bit of a music buff,lol
  8. aah the good ol looga barrooga,nice offer,but i have all the albums on disc and vynil,and an sx1100 was the bike used to tow me through a cow pat littered field for my rally initiation,,stunk like fukk afterwards,great days,and as i remember,that was another shit gig.lol
  9. well as a musician of many a year,my best attended gig would have to be rush at the old wembley arena on the r30 tour,mindblowing,my worst,hmmmm,milton keynes metallica,wolfsbane etc,shite nite,great headline tho,
  10. if you have the legnth and diameter plus the angles,i can prob make one at work bud.
  11. i bought one of them e-bay things,it screwed my zzr1200's carb timing big time,should of known,when it said "made in china" on the back of the gauges,bastard,
  12. i had the fortune to repair a frame on one of these beasts,was stage three tuned,when the guy turned up a few weeks later on it and said,,,,,here ya go,,,,i nearly wet myself,absolute labotomy bike when in that state of tune,like 9mpg!!!! still a ace bike,
  13. well lemme get the formalities over with,im jeff.seemples that was,i ride quite a lot,fly some,play in a tribute band,can be found inside my pc,lol.no seriously,the bit you want to read is this,i am a biker,three bikes,gs 500(out on loan to the brother in law) zzr1200,and its bigger bro,the 14,a little diverse i know,but thats how i roll,will post more when needed to,pleased to meet you all,(in advance).oh i almost forgot,,,,if any of you find"the plot" can you post it back to me? ta.
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