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  1. i heard that they were being mass produced.........
  2. i would like the balancing bear pls...3x5999 thanks
  3. i still have the link if anyone wants?...
  4. i would like the suited seal for today please? its 1cc just for today..can someone help me please? will pay 3x5999 thanks '
  5. no, it's actually a free gift from email! go check your email, u will prob find it there along with todays free gift too
  6. Another Last Week in Stores,,,, Furniture (Living): Grey Striped Classic Table Grey Classic Chair Pink Cassette Tape Wall Sticker Dark Rock Star Wall Sticker Traditional Terracotta Collection Groovy TV Decor Elegant Candle Set Pet Award Statuette Basic Besk Saloon Wall Unit Glossy Black Shelf Glossy Black Table Modern Red Couch Market (Toys and Collectibles): Chinese Luck Wall Decor Outdoor (Furniture): Rooftop Terrace Hotel Sign School Chain Link Fence Aero Glass Fence Boutique (for your home): Golden Dove Dome Prom Crown Poster
  7. Just a heads up when u click on it, it says plushies are 150 coins each but they take 400 coins off your balance...
  8. cupid sets, 2010 lucky sets, tinkerbell/afro/greek godess wigs , tennis/soccer bundles, holiday seeds, gingerbread bears, age disguise are also seem to be getting hacked
  9. HI!! Welcome to the forum! Everyone here is so friendly and don't be afraid to ask questions because they are really nice and we're all here to healp each other
  10. all sent and received. thanks adding rep now
  11. this one right? is 2x999 each okay? Yes please! I sent you an f/r. .oh ok u want one right?
  12. thanks.. bat wing potions and the skeleton ones are being hacked too so be careful
  13. er snow man chair 2x999? wall ribbion 2x999 each? tiki lamp 1x999 each? ok soo that is 8*999 i will send you tomorrow need to go to bad now ok f/r sent..
  14. er snow man chair 2x999? wall ribbion 2x999 each? tiki lamp 1x999 each? okay will send later i gtg this one right? is 2x999 each okay?
  15. um in pic 4, how come one the the chairs is kinda squashed? is it supposted to be like that? :o
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