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  1. We are aware there are a large amount of hacked potions out there right now. Items found to be hacked may be removed from accounts at a later date. These potions are reported to not work correctly, and therefor you should trade at your own risk. Thank you, The Pet Society Team. so they don't go as much now...like around 1x5999 and i heard gold teddies are being hacked too D:
  2. oh darn sorry i don't have that anymore sorry... will change pic
  3. knock knock thank you so much!! sending 5999s now. Nooo! It was a gift hun!! sending them back =P are u sure??? gtg bbl
  4. knock knock thank you so much!! sending 5999s now.
  5. can someone please trade me 2CC? i want to buy the pink and blue butterfly potions..i will way 6x5999? thankss
  6. Boutique store For your Pet section: -Reindeer Petling -Monkey Petling -Lamb Petling -Petlings Chesire Cat Potion -Gothic Petling Mansion -Romantic Petling Bed -Pet Flu Mask -Ice Skates -Flies into Pink Butterflies Potion -Flies into Blue Butterflies Potion For your Home section: -Lakeside Balcony -Beach Terrace Window -Ocean front Window -Sewer Floor -New Year Fireworks WP -Luminous Pet Star Plaque -Hospital X-Ray Machine -Hospital Skeleton model -Sushi Bar Outdoor store Gardening section: -Jungle Mushroom Seed
  7. i only like the restaurant counter and the lisa painting
  8. expansions are 10,000 per expansion i used up like 70K coins and my house still doesn't look good (other account)
  9. It's not on the blog or anywhere, but i don't know why... -Toy Shop Workbench -Restaurant Counter -Mad Scientist Lab Table -Frog Prince Blue Armchair -Frog Prince Blue table -Mage table -Donut Chair -Cookie table -Daisy picture -Pet Lisa painting -Chesnut artwork -Traditional Brick Fireplace (Cash coin item) -Confortable Couch -Frog Prince Blue Bed
  10. right click the picture on ur profile and click open in new tab and it will open up in the old picture thing... or if u don't have that, click on the picture and it will be the new style and then click refresh
  11. hope its not cc related! but the exterior decorating sound cool
  12. hi, may i please get a 1 dog hairband, 2 parkling potions 1 robot visior 1 emerald throne for 5gmbs please? let me know if they're avalible and ill send right away! thank you so much!
  13. -Collaborative Mahjong Table -Enchanted Mirror -Summoning School Bell -Toy Shop Spinning Airplane -Hospital Operating Table -Deluxe Cream Kitchen Set
  14. yes!! thanks you so much!! yayy!!@#
  15. woah, nice rooms!! so creative! i like the tea party, the pool and the kitchen! nice work~~
  16. ok, i was just googleing cheesy wallpaper after reading this and i found a pet society blog article about Tiddly Winks! :o
  17. great idea! i like that too!! i hope its not 3D pet society >_<
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