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  1. Some more items will be leaving us soon. Watch the shops for these items to go on sale soon. When you see the discounted price, that item will be available for one last week only. So get em while they’re hot! The items that will be leaving us are: * Sparkling Emerald City Wallpaper (10CC) * Romantic Ice Sculpture (10CC) * Teleporter (7CC) * New Year 2011 Blue Fireworks (1CC) * New Year 2011 Pink Fireworks (1CC) * Hospital Ambulance (9CC)
  2. http://playfi.sh/gjfgik edit by smorkle: link approved by admin.
  3. just have ur pet dirty and health 50 or higher
  4. Mage lvl8

    PSFC MAP!!

    so many people in Europe
  5. the mayor has bought a dragon in his room 5 :o
  6. you don't need to wear the digging hat/vest to have the effect simply put them in any room and it work! i just tried and it works!
  7. Hi, Yvette..um could you dye 2 of my Asymmetrical Short Wigs Pearl Blond for me please? (it's the one in the middle, i think) Thanks!
  8. i wonder if u can put a snowglobe with a item in it on the hat..
  9. hi, how much for evil and crazy jack?
  10. that's so nice of you, yvette! ;P and i wish they were too..i have like 8 of one snowflake lol good thing im finished
  11. Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up that starting Thursday we will be cutting down the number of free gifts that are available. This is to make things more simple (and a little more exciting!) when new gifts are added each week. The following gifts will be removed: * Yellow Country Pillow * Arabian Market Shelf * Cute Sailor Girl Hat * Cute Sailor Girl Dress * Cute Sailor Girl Wristband * Cute Sailor Girl Shoes * Cute Sailor Boy Top * Cute Sailor Boy Hat Get em while you can! When the new update goes live on Thursday, they will be gone for good!
  12. from tof Hey guys! Just to let you know Hideeni is leaving for vacation on January 20th (Thursday) when the game update takes place. So if you're still searching for your snowflakes, you better be quick! Only a couple days left! Good luck! (Bella is going to enjoy showering without company for a while )
  13. hi, yvette... um is it okay if you could dye my asymmetrical wig the coral pink, my edward wig the new pearl blond and another edward wig ivory blond please? thanks so much!!
  14. if anyone still needs anything just post here...im closing soon
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