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  1. Enter to win a Luxury Amethyst Rose or Bush! There will be 3 winners... The first will get both the rose and a bush and the 2nd will get the rose only and the 3rd will get the bush only.. Just pick a number and i will use a random number generator to see who wins. It's that simple! ============================================== PSFC Rules apply. Comp ends Apr.6 or when all #s are taken. ============================================== 1. 2. 3. SashaGirl 4. DarkNite 5. 6. Melodia_du_Xaviere 7. Pedj@ 94 Dixy 8. Tsukiko 9. Nymph 10. 11. Lucky Strike 12. Esperia 13.Earon09 14. 15. 16.Sinenomine 17. 18. CharlotteLouise 19. Myladyyawo 20. Brainjuice87 ======================= Winning Numbers: Congrats to 1st. CharlotteLouise 2nd. Pedj@ 94 Dixy 3rd. Sinenomine
  2. i can pay 7x5999? i want to buy for a friend. please help. thanks
  3. Send you friends the bait and don't buy it! yay! sweet!
  4. Boutique: -Chinese Grand Entrance -Spectacular Chinese Firecrackers -Rooftop Terrace Elevator -Haunted Opera Mirror -Red, Blue and Pink Festive Fireworks -Bakery Fish Biscuit Mystery: -Japanese School Uniform Mystery Box -Japanese Garden Mystery Eggs -Chinese Mystery Food Basket -Arabian Snack Box Market: -House Opera Dressing Table -Chinese Guqin Instrument -Chinese Moon Guitar DIY: -Vintage Garden View Window They'll be available until March 21st!
  5. hi, are there any bloody mats or colorful guitars left? can i get 2 bloody mats and a colorful guitar? 4x999? thanks so much
  6. The clothes will not stick onto the mannequin thing. also there is a error with the flowers.when u buy it, it says its a tree but they will grow into flowers
  7. i think 1000 photos are max..i had 1k photos and i had to make a new album and move them there so i could take more pics and it worked
  8. when it is dyed, it will be kinda like two toned... O_O
  9. ok, i think bundles are getting hacked too? this girl is selling like 30 bundles?!?! and this other person is selling "many" bundles and there is a lot of trades going on the thread
  10. the chesire ones cost more than the others too because they glow in the dark.. i want then :3
  11. oh, only the wigs are getting hacked i think..my bad
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