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  1. FREE Prince Adam Rose http://playfi.sh/leo3GC Hi there, We're sorry that many of you were upset by not receiving the Prince Adam Rose in the Belle Outfit. Please accept this free Prince Adam Rose: http://playfi.sh/leo3GC Please claim today as this link will expire very soon. Apologies again and enjoy, The Pet Society Team
  2. oh, um sorry, thats too much for me
  3. i would like to get the elven portraits bundles please, they're on discount Let me know ur rate please. thanks
  4. i would like to have 5 of these, please. just name your price. thanks
  5. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=216383075048235
  6. offer? ok that is fine. I've edited my original post with prices but let me know what you think as I'm not an expert at trading lol : ) Sorry for the late reply but I've been so busy lately so haven't been able to get on here but I couldn't see your reply but then I realised you'd written in my post but I wondered is it ok if I still buy these items off you? If not then I understand um yeah ok sure um could it be 10x999 or equivalent? sorry um i dont have those for sale..? ok um after these trades im going to close shop
  7. i don't think these really count but.. Guitarra portuguesa Mandolino Pipa
  8. Welcome!! it's awesome here, you'll love it! don't be afraid to ask if u need help!
  9. omg hurry and send me ur wigs! i can dye again! i can do cash coin dyess!!! yayhdsg
  10. i only like the reward one, the one when u get all of the hats
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