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  1. i have no cc i have 23x5999 70x6666 many nice matching ponies a pair of nice twin black on black normal ponies a dreamy black with yellow hair+bow and sun a koinobori many untradble cc items to put in globe
  2. may i have some tools and the sawhorses pls
  3. i'm seeking this to complet the bundles collection i never found it anyeway yet i have 17x6666 and many 3333
  4. i tryed and tryed but no luck i can trade an ungiftable cc in a globe stained glass wings elemental bouncy,mountain gorrilla and 5999 i'm not offering all for it its up to you to choose which ones you want
  5. its a fighting game with many nintendo character such as mario luigi link pikachu and many more
  6. i seen the special opening they are funny
  7. i wish for wig dye and NIS fish bait
  8. yep no more butterfly ad wings new item to come out
  9. i only miss the icy one i wish it could be on the ew lotterie wheel
  10. lol at your choice but for real i'll send number 1 and a surprise Ah, aren't you being the mysterious vampire! Thanks a lot by the way! XD Shouldn't you specify which no. does the ''surprise'' go for? :p its up to you all i can say its not for no 4 or 5
  11. lol at your choice but for real i'll send number 1 and a surprise
  12. i can give ya the theather candlestick and apple curtain just add me edit we are already friend sent
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