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  1. i have no cc i have 23x5999 70x6666 many nice matching ponies a pair of nice twin black on black normal ponies a dreamy black with yellow hair+bow and sun a koinobori many untradble cc items to put in globe
  2. may i have some tools and the sawhorses pls
  3. i'm seeking this to complet the bundles collection i never found it anyeway yet i have 17x6666 and many 3333
  4. i tryed and tryed but no luck i can trade an ungiftable cc in a globe stained glass wings elemental bouncy,mountain gorrilla and 5999 i'm not offering all for it its up to you to choose which ones you want
  5. its a fighting game with many nintendo character such as mario luigi link pikachu and many more
  6. i seen the special opening they are funny
  7. i wish for wig dye and NIS fish bait
  8. yep no more butterfly ad wings new item to come out
  9. i only miss the icy one i wish it could be on the ew lotterie wheel
  10. lol at your choice but for real i'll send number 1 and a surprise Ah, aren't you being the mysterious vampire! Thanks a lot by the way! XD Shouldn't you specify which no. does the ''surprise'' go for? :p its up to you all i can say its not for no 4 or 5
  11. lol at your choice but for real i'll send number 1 and a surprise
  12. i can give ya the theather candlestick and apple curtain just add me edit we are already friend sent
  13. say winston besideyou and salwa who else is here too??
  14. be ready it will be giftable to
  15. there's a storm here gonna go away and close the pc
  16. now i casn try to know what i need from the cc boxes
  17. lea no worry about it i understand that tiddly how are ya?? remember me ??
  18. i know but i have all nis coin items already
  19. hmm 5 wishes 1 the huge wardrobe room 2 squirrel bundle 3 monkey bundle(the new one) 4 skunk bundle 5 any of the romantic halloween thingy
  20. When are tbourbon, scar akai, ssubaru okiya said. Who is akai? The best episode I saw was 208, the 1 hour special with the goddess' mountain. sera should appear later akai is the fbi due weith the black hat the mange tell more than the anime so we can see thing about it
  21. broly

    What does...

    hot weather and bugs mosquitos mostly
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