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  1. http://www.teesriders.com/events/2012/08/24/teesriders-mcc-rusty-nuts-rally-2012 This is the web site check it out
  2. Bike Channel is on Sky 203 Showcase 2 Mondays at 7.30 Also online at www.bikechannel.com
  3. I like it, but at the end of the day its your forum , and I will go with what ever you want (well with in reason) but it is our/yours hope you dont mind but i played with your design [img][/img] Thats ok madwilly looks cool '' Martyn
  4. Started in the mid 70`s yam rs 100(new) yam rd 250(new) suzi gs 550(new) suzi gsx 250 yam rd 350 lc blue one(new) yam dt 250 suzi ts 250 yam xs 400 honda 400 super dream suzi x7 honda cbr 600 ex prod racer(early one) kawa kl 650 yam 600 divvy yam 900 divvy suzi 600 bandit latest steed
  5. The shock linkage on my 600 was shot the front bearing that bolts to the frame was goosed loads of play lack of grease.So search ebay found a guy selling a few bits for a 2001 600 fork leg head light brakets, plastic frame fillers in front of tank,black bar ends,1 throttle cable and the shock linkage £4 p+p and winning bid of 99p''The bearings in the linkage looked A1 very clean and greased so fitted to bike no play in bearings so job sorted.'' Well chuffed Martyn
  6. Dave you got the lighter Did you give up trying to save up for the Harley Martyn
  7. New bike every time good job her indoors does`nt see this
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