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  1. Well get some one and ask them nicely, and they can sit on the back. Simples.
  2. yeah, it's that time of year again, put the open face crash helmet away and turn the heated grips on.
  3. no, there's an ap for that. Erm, it is sad, but. I wonder if the news will report the actual facts of his career, or a lazy version of half truths, as often happens with obituraries.
  4. thx1138


    post your jokes, funny videos and funny pictures in here. Personal Attacks Will Result In Administrative Action Strickly No Pornography or Racist Material (please do not read posts in this section if easily offfended )
  5. Pencilling it into my diary, before something else takes its place.
  6. Well Stratford isn't that far from Bedford. No need for me to stay overnight, I might pop along and say hello. So, where you going, meeting, other than the travelodge? Is there an adjacent pub or something?
  7. I saw a facebook ad, and bookmarked sometime before I finally looked in.
  8. I have deleted this photo myself, as it was not my intention to offend anyone.
  9. I quite like the etz, but I can't get on with the left hand kick start model, ugly too.
  10. I went and I left from Junction 15a I've got two youtube clips up, but us noobs are not allowed to post links, but my youtube name is Senthx if you search that they'll probably come up
  11. another Yamaha where the timing is out.
  12. I'd like an MT-01 I think. The fazer was on 0% finance when I got it. The MT-01 or the FJR 1300 were not available on 0% and so I didn't test ride them. So, I ended up with a fazer. Upgraded from the 600 hornet.
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