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  1. I wouldn't be keen, but thinking about it.. Chain wear: Yes, but it isnt under anywhere near the same load. Tyre wear: Yes, but again, no weight of rider and no accelleration or braking force from the motor. Suppose you'd still get punctures. On long run's or a lot of use, I wouldnt fancy getting the centre of the tyre worn flat and squared off ?
  2. Took them off my B-King an hour after getting it. No they are not lacquered on. Yes, B-King paint isnt great. Yes, hair dryer (not TOO close!) and take your time.
  3. Old Skool "Mr Turbo" style kit. Turbo on the back with a single carb. Very simple but not nice! Turbo bikes took a huuuuuge step forward when the injected bikes came along. That sort of performance on a Turbo Busa wouldnt be unusual, and would be 100 times more useable. Having said that, I'd LOVE that kit on my ET to build a 80's era style streetfighter!
  4. Notice the 3 x Katana's, the GSX1100ET and my 1100 all have wire wheels not cast alloy like most of the UK bikes ? Very common on the old Suzuki's out here in AU. Makes putting 17" or 18" wide rim's on easy!
  5. Not sure if this is of interest to anyone ? Couple of weeks back the local Laverda owners club put on a little local bike show near my house. Just thought i'd share a couple of pic's... Drysdale two wheel drive. A Travertson. Not a one-off as the owner claimed! Google "travertson" Interesting.... Mmmmmmmm.......
  6. 3 of the bikes that I sold when I left the UK.... 83 "SD" 1100 Katana... My GSXR1100 "Slabsider" Winter Rat... Nitrous 1200 Bandit... (60hp NOS/Holley wet kit) Did I mention I like big Suzuki's....
  7. That's VERY nice ! When I bought another last year I hunted about to find the right Mk1, rather than a later model. Mate Kev just re-did the seat for me. Nothing flash, just higher back, lower front how I wanted.
  8. I get told that they are all the same. All 1000cc+, 4 cylinder, unfaired Suzuki's. Why haven't I got a Sportsbike, Dirtbike, Cruiser etc? To me they are very different bikes. I just like my Big Suzuki's.
  9. Your not far off. They are not, but its very common for lots of folk call them Tawny Frog Mouth "Owls".
  10. ...Dont be. I dont drink, smoke, gamble or have kids. I work long and hard and im always broke!
  11. Out on the ASF forum "April Fools Run" at Casino NSW. Up the coast at Airley Beach Qld, with Rod Braddle (The Barefoot Bushman)
  12. Im not sure I need to bring anything home, its bad enough getting rid of the ones that visit as it is ! (some more welcome than others)
  13. My "Blue Heeler / Blue Cattle dog" Common out here, remember Mad Max 2 ?
  14. I keep getting told thats not true and that they have financial problems ? Local Guy here had his deposit refunded by the recievers too. Shame. I like JMC, used them before and love their swingarms. Quality bit of kit.
  15. Got a few other projects im messing with but everything in currently on hold as im moving house and building another shed. Was slowly putting another Busa together from spares/mates/Ebay etc.
  16. My chopped-about 1980 1100ET, bought in AU to replace my Katana I sold in the UK. ...and the Bland-it-12 that ALWAYS makes me grin like a nutter, again, bought to replace a UK bike.
  17. My B-King. One of the first built and registered....
  18. I got fed up waiting for Suzuki to build the B-King, My naked Busa is shorter, lighter, better pillion bike, has more leg room and cost less than half the price.
  19. Tony nitrous


    Hi. Followed a link here from the B-King forum. Lived in Kiddeminster for 40 years, moved out to Brisbane Australia 7 years a go. Best thing I ever did. Had a few bikes, everything from FS1E, KDX, ZZR11, GSXR11, to Sportster, Katana, a couple of Bandit 12's, a couple of Hayabusa's, probably 45 or 50 in total i'd guess? Still get back to the UK every couple of years, and its good to be intouch with the UK bike scene. Always happy to help with any advise on migating or holidays to Oz. Tony.
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