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Everything posted by FURRY@WAR

  1. PMSL i was crying half way down paul sounds a lot like me
  2. Just had a look at the site how cool is the helmet with the rear view mirror in it and nice one on the 10% dave it all helps m8
  3. 6.2 on my third go thats just fooked up lol
  4. i used to use aol m8 never really had a prob with them but just switched to sky cos it was cheaper lol but any pc probs giz a shout im a techy m8
  5. rare or not my mountain bike will do more on a straight road :} lol still a nice classic just to remind us where the monsters we ride came from :}
  6. Thx guys still a work in progress just ran out of funds
  7. doesnt show the 1500 squid paint job off though lol needs sun and this is north wales so MAYBE sometime this year i get a better pikky lmao

    HI :}

    Thanks for the welcome guys n girl's
  9. ihave this tatt in picture stages but didnt want to post em all
  10. NEED SUN cant get the pikky till we get some sun lol might be better off tryin for april/mays one lol
  11. sweet lid would love to get me hands on one :}

    HI :}

    Hi guys my real name is michael but prefer mike i ride a street fightered mk1 b6 or bandit 600 for those not in the know will post a pikky when we get better weather and i can get out to clean her :}
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