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  1. unlucky lee I got caught doing 40 on a 30 and got offered the course so fingers crossed for you.think it cost me £90 and 4 hours of boredom lol
  2. yeah i try and wear my forcefield one all the time after doing alot of research and trying on in the shops I wouldnt bother with anything other than a forcefield. cracking bits of kit and at very good prices
  3. had a cracking time today guys great to see faces old and new
  4. nice one william.full season on the bike this year?
  5. thought you were older than that to be honest dave lol
  6. always put my milk in last until a few months ago.now i put milk in first because its easier to see how strong you're making it. not that im house trained or anything :-D
  7. truly tragic news saw mention of this on facebook and feel so awful for everyone involved. RIP Tim, my thoughts are with your family. Im glad that his lad is on the road to recovery. I hope its full and speedy Stu and everyone else who helped, you are true heroes. I wouldnt know what to do in that situation, so well done lads
  8. chad do you want the fat bald one or the other fat bald one?
  9. very sad indeed, what a waste of young talent
  10. ok chad, we will stick together. reckon we can have stuee and dave no problem
  11. blimey that is clean, nice one
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