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  1. Cheers guys, it is touches like this that make this the best forum on the internet, bar none. I am going to have a lazy day with my kids, but there will be beer involved at some point.
  2. Good going yessir, Its been great weather here, loads of bikes out.
  3. There are some great bikes on here, but for me it's Foz. that's a great pic of a great bike.
  4. That is a good price, and if you are like me with no mates, it's a must for the toolbox
  5. Chad we are only jelous, because we are old, and need to get up to empty our bladders, you enjoy it while you still can.
  6. I liked that. We all take things for granted, and it is good to be reminded that we do, every now and then.
  7. Well it is still a cage, and it is impressive driving. When you watch it the second time, look at the small camera view of Mark, and watch him control it.
  8. Then I'll join you too. Good morning all
  9. cpt_pants

    Hello Peoples :-)

    Hello mate welcome to funhouse.
  10. not a big fan. I wont be bidding
  11. They are live webcams Dave, you Can check the weather before you set off
  12. The mist has lifted, the sun is trying hard, nearly time for a lap http://www.energyfm.net/cms/webcams.html
  13. Well we are salt free, however also sun free too
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