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  1. I used this to find somewhere for the Manx last year - http://www.gov.im/tourism/accommodation/isle-of-man-hotels.aspx
  2. A bit more progress, took the bike to work saturday and had a productive morning . Made the main part of the battery tray, folded up a electrics tray, put in bar to get the seat to sit in the right posistion and a brkt to hold the rear light & number plate.
  3. When it comes to batteries I've found it pays to buy the best one you afford, it's usually cheaper in the long run.
  4. +1 on it being a good day, picked some nice roads there Dave Cheers for the bacon roll & cuppa's
  5. Richguzzi


    welcome from a fellow newbie
  6. Ok folks here is my Zed project,which I started a few months ago, although I have been collecting/hoarding parts for a while. It is a Z1000 frame that I have modifed to take a ZR7 motor - would have loved to use a Z1000 engine but have you seen how much they go for , whilst having an angle grinder & welder handy I also added a bit of bracing and 'lost' bits of the frame deemed surplus. The next stage was to sort the swingarm, after a bit of research a CB400 swingarm was acquired (£5 off ebay ). After fitting bigger bearings, drilling out the frame and moving the shock mounts to suit the Ohlins (another ebay bargain) the bikes stance looks good. Next stage is to line up the wheels - left over from a previous build - so I can make/adapt some spacers and fit an underslung rearbrake. Piccy taken before shock mounts were moved
  7. Tidy job mate You can't keep'em all, I've tried and it just dosn't happen...sadly
  8. Cheers peeps To answer a couple of points, as madwilly says 'no wife' - can't afford to run one And yep that's the nose that madwilly repaired What's wrong with a bike in the house , it's dry, warm and the kettle's closer I'II sort a build thread
  9. As promised here is some photo's of my little collection First is my 'hack' bike an ER6F Then there's my trusty T3 which I've owned for 30yrs and at present lives in the living room Next is a XS650 with a Clarendon sidecar, I slightly customised the XS and the sidecar was built by my dad approx 50yrs ago. Only took me 25yrs to find one and thanks to Pete (madwilly), a lot of elbow grease now looks fantastic. Finally I've got two projects on the go, one based round a XT600 engine - a long term project and a 'Zed' project - Z1000 frame & ZR7 motor, hopefully on the road this year I'II start a thread in the project section if people are interested
  10. Richguzzi


    Thanks for the welcome's Will put some photos in the relevant section
  11. Richguzzi


    Hi, from Leicester and for my sins a mate of Madwilly's I have a small obession with bikes and literally have a house full . I currently ride an ER6F but also have a custom XS650 outfit, Moto Guzzi T3 (semi retired) and two project bikes. Cheers for now,off for a wander through the posts
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