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  1. Will do...have peace...He hears you!
  2. Happy Birthday Mia!!! You are such a blessing~and I hope your day was perfect!!!!
  3. I JUST seen Cholette's post~I may have been posting while she was~or else I didn't see the second page. What a great post Cholette! I totally agree! I would have never thought of those things happening after confronting the situation. Yikes! It does seem like the 'right thing to do' and even though your hearts in the right place freeprincess, thinking about the emotional damage it could cause afterwards is a really good idea. I'm sure if they were open to seeing their part in this mess, they would have sat you down like Cholette said long ago. Just my thoughts...lots of prayers coming your way.
  4. Wow Freeprincess!!! I really LOVE your post!!! Such a mature way of looking at all this! Such a heart of love and forgiveness! I love that you are guarding your heart from bitterness, considering all the wrong that has been done to you. What blows me away is that you are not just concerned about your hurt or your heart~but you are also concerned of at least holding them accountable so that they have the opportunity to grow. It is also SO GOOD to see that your eyes are being opened to see that you have outgrown this church. I will continue to pray for you, and that this confrontation goes well. I pray that God leads you to the right church home, and that you find a safe place to be planted~a place that displays the fathers heart of love for you and all others. Your heart is so precious~that is certain from reading your post!
  5. What a blessing for that woman that you were obedient to pray for her!!!!!
  6. Hi Jasmine! Hopefully things are better now. I havent ever experienced ovarian cysts before, but the dizziness and stuff I have. When I was pregnant with my son~I got a really bad experience with my inner ear and the spins. My dr. said it must have been an inner ear infection or something. This lasted for days for me. Thankfully it hasn't happened since. One thing I learned about with my ears being plugged up and stuff is there is a natural remedy that really helps. Its called a 'neti pot' sinus cleanse. You can buy it at the drugstore, and it really really helps with plugged ears/dizziness from plugged ears. I also take clairton d which is now over the counter to help when my ears are super plugged and Im feeling lightheaded. Hopefully that helps a little...and I hope you are feeling all better by now!
  7. Thats a great idea!!!! Wish there would have been something for me when I was a teen suffering from depression, due to a bad family life. I wish I would have known the answer was Jesus all along! I didn't end up finding him until I was an adult...but nonetheless He rescued me!
  8. This here to me shows such a heart of forgiveness and love and maturity! I really hope things get better for you, or that God leads you out to a place that will embrace you for the wonderful person He made you to be!
  9. O freeprincess~I am so sorry you are going through this. I will really be praying for you, to know the right thing to do in this situation! I pray that the Holy Spirit would lead and guide you into paths of peace...
  10. Yes freeprincess~I have done that very same thing. These are just my thoughts, but I personally believe its so important to have a home church, and until God shows or speaks something different to you~that you should stay planted. When I was debating about leaving my church...the Lord spoke personally to me that He wouldn't lead me out until He showed me where He was going to lead me next. That he wouldn't lead me out without having anyplace to go. (I think of a potted plant, if you transplant it into a new pot it normally is fine....but if you leave it out of the old pot and dont put it into a new pot chances for optimal growth are slim) In my situation, when I had a peace about leaving my church and I had my next church lined up (where I felt I was getting spiritually fed the most), the transition was smooth. Hope that helps somehow.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear that this is happening to you free princess. It sounds to me like you want to stay committed to this church, but you wish the others were treating you better. I will def be praying that things will get better for you. I will also pray that God brings at least one or two really good friends into your path, so keep your eyes peeled for those who may also be feeling left out of the clicks and in need of a good friend. Sometimes that's all we need to feel connected, one really good friend! True friends are far and few in between and you will know them by the fruit they display in their lives.
  12. Thats right!!! Those seeds of Gods word will not return void, but will accomplish what they have been sent forth to do! This is a huge step in the right direction!!
  13. I would just keep lovin on him till his heart softens...you will know when he is open to hearin'. Its the goodness of God that will lead him to repentance...I believe he will see the goodness of God just oozing from you D! I will pray and agree with you guys! Keep us all posted!
  14. Delightful soul, I will be praying for you to find your fit inside the church. I know God has a special place just for you in his house! I do have to say from my past experiences that the best way for me to meet new people is to volunteer in someway, and to get involved serving in an area. I personally think its ok to serve wherever you would love to serve~whether it is in the children's minisitry, greeting, or singing. I personally dont think its wrong to share your gifts with the church while serving also hoping to get connected to the body of Christ. This is such an important and crucial part to our Christian walk, not just to go to church but to feel connected~to feel a part of the family. My mom always tells me, "If you want friends you have to be friendly first." I have a tendency to draw back around big crowds and I tend to be shy at first, until I get to know someone...then I'm fine. This trait I used to hate about myself, but now I am putting it to use. I volunteer to find and greet new people and to help them become connected in the church, because I know how it feels to be shy and not as outgoing as others, I can spot those who come to visit our church right away that feel the same way...and I can be sure to welcome them. Maybe you could try keeping your eyes peeled for someone at your church that may be feeling the same way as you, that is in need for a friend and true fellowship. Maybe you could talk to the Pastor eventually of heading up a greeting ministry to help people feel welcome...every church could use something like that. I have also found that the people who really WANT to connect with others the most, sometimes are so timid that they try and BOLT out the door as soon as the sermon lets out to avoid the uncomfortable feelings of sitting there and not knowing anyone or people not coming and talking to them. That shows how brave you are to stick around, instead of just heading for the door! Nobody likes to feel rejected, especially at church, its unfortunate that once people get comfortable at church and once they make their own friends and find their place and they aren't new anymore that they forget to keep a look out for those who need a friend. I'm so sorry you have been feeling invisible at church....I hope this helps! I am new to this site and I am not a moderator or anything, I just wanted to be of encouragement to you... I hope things get better for you! God bless you!
  15. Thanks Linda~so helpful!!! Im learning so much about my dreams by being a part of this website!!! Thx 4 taking the time to share! =)
  16. Daisy


    Thx, it helps a ton~ =)
  17. Can a dream be both literal, AND have a Spiritual interpretation??? My posting SOAP SCUM did end up being a literal dream for sure~but can it also have SPIRITUAL meaning as well???
  18. Daisy


    Tried to send a PM and it was put in my outbox, but not my sent box. Did it send???? Still looks like I can edit it. Waiting for an important reply, but if it didn't send I will just post my reply. Had some important personal info so I would prefer not to post it, and keep it a PM. THANKS! =)
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