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  1. Ohhhh, So sad, but happy for her - she was prepared to meet her King. Thanks Jasmine. I pray her family are ok, I pray for comfort for them.
  2. Awesome Jasmine! :) :) Can you join a writing group or get a mentor who can help keep you motivated and focused? I pray that God will infuse you with passion for your current project always :) I pray that he will grow this gift in you to excellence and that you will be satisfied and happy with what you write and with your life as you pursue your dream. Blessings :)
  3. :) Never thought of it before! It is interesting, isn't it! They couldn't look back at the time... but later, before they wrote it down they probably walked back that way to see the devastation. Blessings, Diane
  4. Hi Jesus, I am just seeing this, and I have no idea what time it is over there... It is probably too late, but you are outside of time, so I want to pray that it goes well, I want to ask that you provide words of wisdom and insight, i want to ask for favour and safety for your prophets. I want to ask that the people who come to see them are blown away by what you reveal and they know that you are Lord! And as the people who have come to know you as Lord wake up the next morning, I ask that you break into their day with a freshness and a joy that lets them know it was not a dream, it was REAL! Blessings to you Cholette :)
  5. Wow! Amazing Jasmine! well done and congratulations :o)
  6. Father I pray that you will surround Jasmine with the fragrance of your presence today. I pray there will be another "something special" that happens today, something she can focus on, something to keep in her "mind catalog" of what is good. Blessings to you Jasmine :o)
  7. Welcome back Jasmine :o) What are you going to do today... ? Is there one thing in your day that will make you smile? I hope there is gorgeous girl! I pray that the sun is shining on you today, even if it isn't in the natural. Blessings, Diane
  8. 1 Corinthians 2:15-16 "The person with the Spirit makes judgments about all things, but such a person is not subject to merely human judgments, for, “Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ." When we choose to deny our self and it's wants and desires, and follow Jesus, when we act on that and cling to that and allow him to make our decisions and live in and through us, it is like a beautiful exchange... ours for his. You have the mind of Christ And, He has no mental disorder. Don't just "put your head in the sand" about this, living in denial isn't healthy, but living in faith and hope despite how things appear is not denial, it is freedom. The others are right, you get to choose whether you let this diagnosis in and over you, or you shut the door on it. Make choices, starting right now to live the truth in action... For me, depression has also been an issue. (my friend told me these things to do only two nights ago) She said live like a "not depressed person" she said for example, depressed people don't walk every day, depressed people don't eat well, don't take their vitamins.... she was right, beginning to do these things and live like I am not depressed has helped to lift my mood. Life always has times when stuff is just bad... and when we feel crushed by it, it is hard to climb out. For me, walking is like a breath of fresh air in a stale room... happy music works too, as does just smiling and laughing till I actually am really laughing and really smiling.... my body knows these physical cues and I have found that it can be tricked into thinking it is happy :o) at least till I can get in a walk and a chat with a friend... and some time out in the midst of beauty. Don't let go yet Jasmine, give these things a go, believe Jesus can take your small actions done in faith and multiply their effect for your good, just like he did with the loaves and the fish... he is a God who loves multiplication :o) Much love, Diane
  9. Hey beautiful daughter of the King, He loves you.... he made you.... never ever forget that xxx Trust in him Jasmine, even now, especially now. Blessings, Diane
  10. Hi Boscoe, I guess it depends on who those people are... if they drag you into sin or not, if they are supportive of your relationship with God or not... (I'm assuming you are not being judgemental, that they just sense the distance in you when you are focussed on God instead of what they are used to.) If they are good for you, then you will learn to carry that stillness into relationships... if they are not good for you, you will learn to distance yourself while being polite, courteous and loving. It is possible to interact with love and kindness without giving away your heart... it is hard though! You know how the conditions of parole for a person released from jail can include not associating with the people he/she used to... I think there is sometimes good reason for that! I try very hard to bring who I am into relationships where there is not a common love for God... it is hard and I find myself feeling sad, very sad... after being together with people I love who don't love God. I pray that you will find confidence in the stillness, that you will increasingly find that the stillness stays when you walk around, that it is there when you wake up, that your mind turns to God many times in the day... and that the stillness in your heart brings you peace and clarity in those moments... I pray that you will be able to authentically be who you are, and be in love with God, and that the people around you will be able to see that you are not rejecting them, that they will be able to see that you love them better when you are in God and with God. God is love, so being with him will produce this quality in you... I pray that love will begin to seep out of you like a fragrance wherever you go. I love what Cholette and Owen said too... Bless you Boscoe :o)
  11. Hi Jasmine, How are you going? Thinking of you, praying that the Holy Spirit will surround you with his love. Blessings, Diane
  12. I've been thinking of you each time my dog comes for a cuddle... and praying for the Holy Spirit to comfort you. Blessings Mark.
  13. Oh..... I'm so so sad for you Mark, Our pets are important, they teach us about God's love and they are able to touch parts of our souls that no-one else can... they are precious and when they are gone it hurts so very much! I believe your Elsie will be warming your chair in heavenly realms... so watch out when you sit down at God's table won't you :o) (I know some say that's not true... and I used to say that too. But now, I don't believe God would waste such love) Bless you Mark, I pray that you will have time to grieve, time to honour all that she means in your life. I'm gonna go cuddle my dog :( and I will pray for you. Sending you hugs... Diane
  14. Well done Jasmine, You must be really proud of yourself :o) I know that I am proud of you! It makes me smile to hear it too, glad you are doing well. Blessings to you beautiful one :o) Diane
  15. Hi Jasmine, Is that a photo of you? You are beautiful :o) It is so good to see you :o) Bless you heaps today gorgeous girl, princess of the King! Have a great day :o) Diane
  16. Ohhh Linda, so good, such good news!!! God does heal! I love that he "has a list of missions for you" :o) Wow. I have heard two bits of good news in one week now... the four year old with cancer that I have been praying for for over a year was given 100% clearance of cancer too... amazingly he too has a lump left, it is in his spine, but it is inactive and dying and the bone around it is healing... he still has to go back for regular checks (for 6 years) but he was given 100% clearance... It is so good to know you will be around Linda, so good to know that he cares, that he speaks to you, that he listens when his children pray. Praise you God!!!! Bless you Linda, :o) Bless you heaps! Diane
  17. Jesus thank you that Jasmine has told people who are in a position to help her. Well done Jasmine, you have shown strength again. I pray that they will give her the help she needs! Please touch her and lift her and heal her Jesus. Jasmine, I will keep praying for you... Bless you,
  18. Jesus, I feel anxious and sick in my stomach, I know that I can do nothing to stop Jasmine from cutting herself, I know that I am limited by the fact I am on the other side of the world, I would not know her or that she was doing this to herself but for this site... I am coming to hate internet communication - it feels like community, but when it matters I am powerless to help someone that I have grown to love. I place her in your hands Lord, which is just acknowledging where she is already, I have never had her to give back to you... I ask that you will ensure she seeks help, please give her a local, face to face person who can help her to find you and find herself too... her true identity. I acknowledge too, that even if I lived in Jasmine's community, I would probably be one of the people who didn't know she was cutting herself... so, I could not help her even if I lived there... and none of us can compel another to seek help anyway... we can only love and pray. I pray Jesus that you will take this girl you love and heal her wounds, heal her heart, love on her and bring her back under your wings where she belongs. Amen.
  19. Maybe you could be the one who helps to motivate Jason to get help - both for cutting and alcohol... You love him... love is active. Love him by showing him the way out of this. Go get help for his sake if not for your own... Praying for you... praying against the enemy... praying you will stand in your true identity and draw people with you into glory and health and wholeness... you could change the fabric of your world in God's strength... he does that through people like you and me. Stand up and say no to the enemy Jasmine, maybe Jason can't do that yet, maybe he will if he sees you do it. A healthy you will be able to pray for your friends and make a difference. Be a world changer... the invitation is there for you "Daughter of light" Bless you. xx
  20. They can't help you if they don't know... their help might be annoying when you want to give in, but your bigger desire is to stop... let them in Jas, let them help you. You don't really want this to be your identity do you?? Jesus said that in this world we will have trials, but to take heart because he has overcome the world... could you picture your anxiety in some way? A ball of worms perhaps or a ball of electricity... and could you visualise giving it into Jesus' hands? take calming breaths for your body while you do that... and find a verse to meditate on after you have given it to him... a verse that reminds you how precious you are to him perhaps? Even if you had to do that ten times a day... eventually it could become a habitual way of dealing with anxiety... you could imagine that every time you do it, it leaves a mark on your spirit... a positive scar. Would you throw away whatever it is you use to cut yourself while you are not feeling the urge to cut??? If you carry it around, it is like preparing for what you do not want to do... it is giving satan a foot in the door. Make it hard for yourself to do it... make it take time - precious time in which you might be able to choose to do something else... like what i've suggested, or take a walk, or ???
  21. I wrote that last post just before I went to bed... and I prayed for you last thing... and then: Last night I dreamed of finding scads of razor blades under my seat in a kind of bus. I pulled them all out along with some junk... just paper rubbish. I woke up and wrote the dream down - I had no idea what it was about and I focussed more on the odd transport [it was small, like a golf buggy only longer and with the seats running lengthwise down each side] In this kind of transport the drivers are required to sound like a recording [I don't know if you have recordings in your trains that tell you which stop you are approaching and where you are going all the time... but the drivers are required to do that - in this funny dream land] but the "robotic" driver was very nice when I told him about the razor blades... he still talked kind of robot-ish, but he stopped for me and was kind and wanted to help. So, this morning after I ate breakfast, I thought of you and prayed for you... that was when I began to think that perhaps I had dreamed my dream about/for you... because: A 14 year old girl I know put the razors under the seat in my dream... the girl in my dream was [I now believe] symbolic for you. The robotic driver and the small bus thingy makes me think of your small church pastor... the traditional one. [I don't know him at all... but perhaps, even though he seems unapproachable, he would end up being kind?] Jasmine i care about you very much... I will continue to pray for you. Please stop cutting again??? You know you can do it. Bless you dear one! Diane
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