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  1. Hello, Do you still have a snowy owl, swing & wig available? Thanks
  2. Happy Happy Birthday my dear Fash Wish I could be there to celebrate with you!!!! I hope that when you blow those candles out that all your Birthday Wishes come true Love you bunches & bunches girl
  3. Thanks these were pics from a couple years ago we haven't started decorating yet. We used to decorate on Oct 1st but last year a big wind storm came & blew away most of our decorations. So now we wait til the week before. Wish you could come celebrate with us also
  4. Halloween is one of our Favorite Holidays to celebrate!!!! We always decorate our house, my husband & I are big kids this time of the year!!! We put our firepit out in the driveway to keep us warm while we are passing out candy to the kids & hotdogs/hamburgers/beer/soda to the parents. We also get my mother in-laws tractor & hook up our trailer full of hay & take our kids/family/friends on a hayride through our subdivsion. Here are a few pics of our decorations (at night we have the fog machine & spooky music on)
  5. I have been a way for way too long & come back to see one of my favorite people leaving I am so sad to see you go & wish you a lifetime of Health, Love & Happiness....Bailey & I will miss you & Rocky terribly Thanks for your friendship I will treasure it always Love you
  6. All items sent and received , thanks for the trade!! adding rep
  7. I totally agree!!! I have been gone for awhile now also & was very surprised & excited to see the new look Fall is my favorite time of the year! Lisa you did such a Fantastic job the site looks Absolutely Fabulous
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