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  1. may i have the scout shirt please. i got the beret but havent got the shirt. i think i have some clothes to donate
  2. hellyeah

    hey evryone .

    im back from my holiday for a couple of days and im back . i dont know if im still accepted here on the forum . sorry if i mad so many mistakes .
  3. hey anyone named dirtyminded_321 here ? i need to send my gifts >. and ill pick kachela pleas .
  4. hellyeah

    COOKING ! :D

    wow . youre so fast milena /
  5. hellyeah

    COOKING ! :D

    umm . you just need to click cook . and theyw ill ought it for ya . i got my pinaaple rice 5 more hours .
  6. fresh form the oven . just got 1 stock each . for the candle and ribbon 4x999 each and snowman bag 3x999 . thanks .
  7. lol . i got one finally . looks cute .
  8. yeah . and it became bulky . what a luck i bought the medium ones .
  9. if they go big again . ill buy bunch .
  10. hellyeah

    COOKING ! :D

    lol . my calander is blank to . dammit .
  11. hellyeah

    COOKING ! :D

    yepp . just the very sam with me clair .
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