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  1. 3x3333 + 5x999's Or 4x33333 Is that the 2008 pink tree?
  2. each plushie costs 3*3333 or 4*2499 or 10*999 Ok, awaiting friend confirmation, will send you 4x2499 accepted already Sorry just got back
  3. each plushie costs 3*3333 or 4*2499 or 10*999
  4. VALENTINES SWEETS ----2 for your 1x999---- (Collection!!!) 01 angel eyes 01 sugary sweet 01 you make my day 02 too cute 14-extra especial 01 chocolate kiss 13 be mine forever ---- for your 1x999---- 16 Pink Soda Bottle 61 Cupid Icecream Are these for sale too?
  5. how much for room14 pink tree?
  6. Monina

    CLOSE please >.<

    Pink Chalk Board Pink heart Cushion Pink heart mobile Purple heart Balloon how much for all? 2-3*3333?
  7. Monina

    Little Honeys shop :)

    Bulldog doll and owl doll How much? 4-5*3333 for both?
  8. How much for gold heart wallpaper?
  9. Luxury Sparkling Grape Juice how much?
  10. You just bid for the item you want and you can pay by 999s 3333s 4999s, even cc
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