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  1. smorkle wrote:
    to answer your "subject heading" question - no you are not normal. tee heeh ee
    that is why we all love you!!

    is it normal to like tomatoes warm (or cold)? - yes, that is normal.

    Haha aww. Bless you. Well im so glad its normal haha.

  2. so it all started a few weeks ago when someone put a warm tomato on my plate. I didnt want to leave it because i didnt want to seem fussy or anything so i ate it... And it tasted good. Then they gave me warm tomato in my veggie burger.... Delicious!

    Now i cant stop eating walm tomato with everything... Just doing myself some pasta and i have a whole tomato cut up and being grilled ready to eat =|

    Am i normal??

  3. Heyyy!

    I just hit my 500 Subscribers on youtube!
    Im so happy that i just had to share this with you all!

    Im having a huge contest and already have 10 prizes =D. How cool is that!!

    If you are a subscriber of mine them thanks sooo much!!

  4. Hehe...I guess they are just big in the uk then. Maybe Lisa will know what i mean.

    They look really cute to be honest but very expencive.

    Iv been approached by yet another company who wantes me to do a review for them haha.

    2 in the matter of a couple of days...What a good start =)
    This they are sending me the clip in extensions though so they are easier to do to be fair.

    They feather ones have to be held in place with micro rings and then clamped the clip in ones are just...well clip in =D.

    Hope they send enough for my thick hair haha

    Here is a shot from my tutorial...

  5. So....The other day i did my sisters hair. Washed, Blowdried, Straightened, cut, layered, Styles and also put in her brand new feather extensions.

    So that took like 2-2 1/2 hours just because her hair is super super long and the hair extensions took alittle getting used to.

    So anyway.... I was wondering...Whats with the whole fad with the feather extensions.
    Everyone from youtube is wearing them now. Most beauty gurus i know are getting some or have already got some and im like wow...Where did this fad come from....

    So who started it off this time...I dont know....But your cheaper just going to a farm or something and picking up the rooster/chicken/parrot whatever feathers and treating them then putting them in haha.

    They cost from like £4 to £100+ and its crazy prices.

    They do stay in for like 1 month to 6 months and i guess they are reusable but woah...Thats seriously pricey for feathers.

    So anyways after my video was up about 1 hour later i had an email on my youtube email from a company.

    They said...

    Dear Sarah Louise

    We have come across your channel as we were looking for someone who would make a good review of our feather extensions and also demonstrate how you put them in.
    I was just wondering if you would like the opportunity to test out our feather extensions and let us know what you think by doing a youtube video for us.

    Your video will be featured on our site so not only are you getting views from your own channel and site, you are also getting them from our site also.

    Please let us know if you would like to take us on this request by emailing us with your full postal address and your requirements....payment for the review etc.

    Thankyou and have a fabulous day'

    Ok so i didnt expect to get a response to my video like that but hey...If i can get them for free whilst getting paid and also views for my youtube then who am i to say no to that.

    I emailed them back and said sure...Lets see what they send me =)


  6. Haha i got him to do it. I filmed it and everything.

    He put my makeup and he poked me in the eye alot of times haha.

    Oh dear we had so much fun. Was totally hillarious we couldnt stop laughting.

    Going to have to get him to do it again next sunday because you cant really see what hes doing much.

    He actually said he would love to do it again next week cause he had so much fun haha...Would be great if he turned into a makeup artist when he got older lol

    Get ready for the video to be uploaded sunday =D

  7. Who thinks i should get my 8 year old brother to do my makeup for me and film him doing it?

    As you all know i have a youtube channel and iv totally run out of things to do so i was scouring youtube and saw someone bf putting their makeup on them.
    My bf wont do that cause hes a party pooper but i know my little brother is in for a challange and will more then likley have a go with putting my makeup on.
    he would possibly do it better then me.

    I found out that he likes watching my makeup videos with my mum sometimes haha...Bless him...hes so cute! Love him to bits.

    So who thinks it would be a good idea for a makeup video? Younever know...Maby it will catch on and it will be a new craze for youtube videos haha =D


  8. hinapasha wrote:
    Sent you the items I listed except for the King of the sea plushie since I was mistaken about having an extra.

    Oh thankyou so mcuh ill have to send you something back for it when im back on my feet =). Or you can go take a look in my house

    Tiddly Winks wrote:
    Is there anything you still need?

    I think all is fine now Yvette. I just maby need the LE item from yesterday if you have a spare. I can pay you for it tho...I have a few 999's spare which they didnt take.

    What i was most confuzzled about is that they didnt take anything in my house. I found out i had another fox in my toy room and that wasnt taken.

    maby they were just taking little bits here and there to make it less obvious that they were on my account...The only way i knew was because obviously they had been rooting throught my clothes and accidently clicked one and put it on princess.....Thats how i knew someone had been on there....And the missing coins obviously.

  9. hinapasha wrote:
    I'm sorry I don't have extra LE items for the most recent weeks but the LE items I do have extras of are

    bouncy bat hat
    colorful clown plushie
    cute pink penguin
    dormouse plushie
    phantom bear
    solar system model
    king of the seas plushie

    I think that's it. Sorry, it's a short list >.

    Ill take all of them. What would you like for them. Go take a peek around my house...See if there is anything there for you.
    Ill be making a thread in the trade section soon. Im sorting everything else and any doubles ill be selling so hopefully i can get some cash that way.

    myladyyawo wrote:
    Sarah, sorry that this happened to you hun! I really hope that Playfish can get it sorted for you. If you can think of anything like hinapasha said I would be happy to help the best I can. Although I often run out of coins each week and just save by visiting and harvesting tree's and such. I do have some rare items that are extra.

    It really makes me wonder how people can do this?? I would hope it would be no one from here!

    I pretty much doubt that PF will help me out cause they have already gotten the money for the PF cash that i had and thats all they care about. When i was hacked ages ago they didnt do anything about it.

    Gaiamaiden wrote:
    hi sweetie, i will send you some 5999s shortly, sell them back to the shop so you can have some coins to spend xxxxx

    Thank you so much for your generosity. You all made me feel so much better. Your like my little internet family...Your all such great people...Ill never forget this!

  10. So iv been to the dentist this morning.
    The tabelet i was told to take didnt help what so ever.
    Got to the dentist and felt like running away but my partner was so encouraging so i stayed and when i was called in i was so so nervous. Tried to ignore that my name was being called but again i was encouraged by my partner.

    So yeh..I sat on the chair...He checked my teeth..Put the glasses on and the apron thing and started numbing....

    7 needles i had to have =/ The first 5 didnt hurt as much but the last 2 were in my roof of my mouth and omg that hurt so much. I cried with the pain. Feel really stupid staing that but i did =/

    Anyways after it was all numbed i didnt feel a thing... 2 fillings and 2 extractions and i was done.
    He then made me bite on something and then put my plate in place and i was done. Have to wear this plate for 9 months now and i can only eat soft food for 2 weeks such as soup and mashed potatoes...And marshmallows!!!!

    I would just like to just thank you all for the support and information you gave me. You all made me feel relaxed and bought me to make the choice of having it done at my dentist.
    Im really glad for all of you. Your like my internet family and i will never forget eveything you have done for me.
    Once i get back on my feet from the hacking and get some spare money and things then ill deffinatly be gifting you for all the support.

    Thankyou so much and i dont know what i would do without you lot =)

    you all

  11. Ohhh...Ill swap you some LE items for whatever you want if you want. I need the new ones.

    To everyone who has pulled things together to gift to me for princess...Thank you so much.Just goes to show how helpful and loving this PS community really is. The fact that if someone is in distress or needs a helping hand...you are all there showing your support.

    I will never forget everything that people have done for me and once im sorted and back on my feet then i will deffinatly be paying my way forward.

    It brings a tear to me eye.

    I just cant thank you all enough!
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