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  1. oh wow...THANK YOU SOO much Gaia!!! Sorry haven't had a chance to come on line for long, I've been out of town. HUGS
  2. Hi Falcor! Sorry I missed your post last nite...I was busy trying to unknot my dog's fur...she got tangled up somehow near the rose bushes...LOL.. weird dog. I would love to trade with you!! THANK YOU so much for offering!
  3. YIPPIE TIddly!!!! awesome person soo happy to see her as member of the month!! HUGS
  4. WELCOME Meg & Jhamajad to this forum!! You've come to the right place...everyone is friendly and fun here so stick around! I don't know if there will be any new petlings anytime soon since they just rolled out the coyote last week...but I do hope so! It will be great if they came out with a petling for the underwater room huh? See you around the forums, any questions/comments I'll be more then happy to try to answer them. HUGS!!
  5. thanks for bumping thread for me hon!!! it's alright, i'm not giving up yet...maybe in a few days LOL. HUGS
  6. I just need 2 of each that came out...will love to gift someone that didn't yet either as a surprise. THANK YOU!
  7. Hello! THANK YOU SO MUCH for dropping by and taking a peek at my list; I have these 999 items up for trade: 1x Groovy Shades 1x Aviator Googles 1x Flying Pet Wall Sticker 1x Dolphin Clock 1x Sheep Doll 1x Party Balloon Decor I'm looking for new w/o 3/1 items like the tray, baker mayor, and flower vase. THANK YOU!
  8. WOO HOO!! You gals/guys are lucky...I'm still trying...is there a specific time to open them for better luck LOL
  9. Kamari...yes your facebook link works now! HUGS
  10. Spots are 91% filled...yippie!! Hurry if you don't have a spot yet...4 spots are still available.
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