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  1. Okay here is a general description of the games The person above you will ask a question and you will answer the question, then you will put a new question. Make sure to put the name of the song and the band/singer (Can go anywhere in your post). You can either give a funny answer or a clever one, but try to make the title of the song relate to the answer of the question. Example: Question: Who attacked Japan? Answer: Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult I’ll start, answer my question and give a new question. What time is it?
  2. we are just bringing back old item posts for reference archives
  3. hrnpotter

    Thank You Thread!!

    I would like to thank the members of PSFC for their strong patience and love for this community I would like thank Steve for reasons listed in the above posts I would like to thank everyone who notices the little things that the PSFC team does to make them comfortable and happy here I would like to thank glow88 for re introducing this thread I would like to thank those un-named people who stuck by with PSFC through all hard times
  4. PROs More items Less Items that go away More fun CONs The amount of rare items in stock slowly decreases This leads to total boredom in trading I srsly dont care as I dont trade anymore
  5. I know....ARGH I just hated that
  6. New In Store Items 22/03/2009 The new in-store items have arrived, and as reported earlyer this week the Jukes and Lips have both been removed, the new Jukes now costing 5000 (with a re-sale of 1666) and the new Lips now costing 3000 (with a re-sale of 1000), Another sign of changing times at Pet Society and Playfish trying to stop the trading community? Anyway here at the pictures of the new items, get on into the stores and get buying now, you will notice this week there are no "This Week Only" items which further suggests the removal of rare items from the game. As always we bring you the news first, so keep checking back here at PSFC for the latest!
  7. This is a thread where you, The Members Of PSFC, can complain about any difficulty that you are having or give any suggestion that you may have. Please Note that the site is still in its tune ups but we want to know if somethings on your mind
  8. Its not counted as spamming glow We know you love to chat
  9. The chatbox is currently under construction which might explain why you guys keep seeing it in between We'l have it back online soon
  10. It seems many of us want to get a job.....but do our pets want that lol Mine wanted to be a swimsuit model...... :|
  11. yes, If not they'll be boring and then soon wither out of existence I think the PS team hates us trading.....They're removing the jukes, stopped us from trading egg items and are making things slightly difficult without rep.....WHO THEY KIDDIN?
  12. Men dont play with toys! :afro: *now were did my ducky go?*
  13. Man, getting the UFO is harder than spotting one in the sky lol
  14. hrnpotter

    Thank You Thread!!

    Thanks a lot everyone It means a lot seeing such a vast community so united in times of peril it warms my heart....
  15. This forum is way better and much more customizable! We'll have to tune it a lot though so please be patient with us
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