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  1. Dragon ball Evolution was awesome too! :*gokuss*:
  2. What are your Top 5 Favorite TV Shows? I know, Obvious question but the answer is more difficult than it seems! Kyle XY WWE SmackDown Wizards Of Waverly Place Hannah Montana Suite Life on Deck
  3. I'm appalled to find a TV/Movie Forum without a thread asking people's favorite Movies :slap: So what are your favorite movies...in order of favoritism... Mine are: Harry Potter And The Half - Blood Prince Pirates Of The Carribean - Dead Man's Chest Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets Star Wars : Revenge Of The Sith Ice Age 3 : Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
  4. All it was doing to me was boring me...though I actually believed it was possible but the video is still fun
  5. OMG! I'm stuck to the chair!!! OMG! No...wait....I can move my butt....guess I'm not stuck! False Alarm! But no wait I'm still stuck because I'm on PSFC so either way the effect is th same.
  6. Great now I have another song stuck in my head...Party In the USA - Miley Cyrus
  7. In general flms dont make m cry at all but some parts of some films do for example: The ending part of Nancy Drew...touching
  8. I hope all of you have seen the other family guy clip Steve put up...its almost as funny though this one is hilarious too :iagree:
  9. lol Hahahahahah!!!! That is hilariously funny!!! I'm loving life right now !!!
  10. :mbounce: lol I've just seen the video 15 times...doesnt get any less funnier cuz its a whole lot of funny!!!!!!!!!! OMG Peter is C-R-A-Z-Y
  11. Heres the link to Kanye West - Stronger
  12. My favorite cartoon is Ben 10
  13. hrnpotter

    forum errors

    Your Attention Please! The error you have just experienced was due to a slight malfunction of the forum. It is nothing to be alarmed about as it has readily been fixed by the Forumotion Admins. If any of you are still experiencing difficulties with the forum I suggest you refresh the page for a few minutes.
  14. But then the house mistakes human beings for germs and decides to eradicate all humans on earth I wish for a lollipop
  15. We would have a hard time reading comics What if your ice cream melts?
  16. If you guys think this is funny, wait till the second part finishes lol
  17. Feeling Lonely in your friend list? OR Do you want some wishes? Heres the place to add some friends. Just post the link to your profile and wait for some friend requests Example: Haroon Sultan http://www.facebook.com/hrnpotter?ref=profile
  18. Hey Everyone! I guess not many of you know much about me so... Hi, My name is Haroon and I'm also an admin for the site. I used to be a mod until The Incident and then became an admin to help the forum even more. Recently I went on a hiatus because I had exams to deal with but now back with a bang! I handle almost all admin duties along side Steve, I think because I'm probably the only one here who has had past experience dealing with Forumotion (which by the way is an awesome forum host) My Age is impossible to believe because people think I'm actually 35 but no intelligence dispelled, I am the youngest of the PSFC team I'm pretty good with Adobe Photoshop and know my way around the world wide web like the spider who made it My hobbies are PSFC, football, singing, PSFC, Fan Fiction, Graphic Designing, PSFC and um....oh PSFC My favourites: Harry Potter, Kyle XY, The Matrix Trilogy and LINKIN PARK! My Quote: Whenever I find the key to success, someone manages to change the lock..... My word to live by: Ambition I hope the others also introduce themselves...
  19. hrnpotter

    Thank You Thread!!

    I want to thank all the members of PSFC for making this forum a huge success, The PSFC Team for their unwavering support and loyalty, Steve a.k.a Mr. Mayor for waking up one day in cold sweat with a crazy idea to form this wonderful forum and to Play Fish for creating such wonderful games which brings the world closer and closer
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