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  1. Hey Everyone! Here is the final linked version of the three word story game. Took some time! But its worth the hilarity of it. Had to edit it here and there though. WARNING: DONOT Quote this post!!! The old shoe did not fit on the man's stinky left foot so he decided to evacuate his foot from the old socks by throwing them in green paint and dancing around wearing a pair of purple and yellow pyjamas and panda slippers! Shaking his head, he slipped on a banana skin and lands headfirst at Haroon's feet which have suddenly gotten very hairy actually being Bigfoot's feet, traded for a thousand stinging bees that swarmed over his head. As the big swollen head man came to the river ahead for a lil' drink the water was a bit chilly and then he screamed out loud just because his tongue got burned he started to run in circles and catching his shorts that fell into the deep piranha-infested river which was electrified and he smelled rotting garbage that had been sitting under a tree next to a wierd looking leprechaun with a funny looking face which twisted and crumpled with a big toothless grin, and a squeaky voice that sounded all around, making everyone vomit and very scared. Then the enormous pink elephant ran across the thin cracked ice and he broke into copious tears because he had fallen into a big black hole and his ears got caught on a speeding meteorite that destroy its peanut factory when I heard a woopy cushion and its start moving in the direction of a long twisted, damp hallway into the cold dark and eerie cave where there were giant bats that sucked the blood of a turtle, they liked named Gusto. Then he went and got himself captured by the crazy old fan girls had one leg pulled by the three little people who are smelly and also hungry, dirty and mean and they started to sing loudly with high tone until their grandpa bumped his head and they stopped! And then they turn into a mummy doll and jumped over a a funny looking women and they squealed and shrieked till their heads exploded into a ball of fire and then later fell down into a dark alley where they found a big giant catapiller with green stripes on it and a tiny shrivelled wierd little creature came out of nowhere while they were running away from the funny lil' thing which blew bubbles from it's nose that made noise and disturbed the neighbors which made them giggle insanely and laugh like maniacs although he didn't really understand why the bubbles oozed from their eyelids burning their nose and their lips causing them to swell up like balloons with a belly full of puffed up puffer-fish. Afterwards it turned so hideously scary as it's eyes was rolling upwards it turned into a scary bird and then he ate a worm with two heads and he puke and felt better then he went and drank some water at the mermaid fountain and then he turned into a golden poo and it glittered and glowed slowly changing into a beautifully tall poo prince who have a funny nose, looking for His princess who has a bald big toe and puffy fingers which look like sausages but smell nice and taste yummy his guard comes and grab the puffy fingers then they cut them into little pieces and fry them in olive oil and then later he went searching for something new and exciting to dig his nose into...when he was just staring at his shoes that were made by some mud monsters from venus and then later grew into a big pink flower with beautiful petals and golden leaves but smelled of curry and spice and also taste of old bark which was covered..with rotting moss and furry round which attracts alot of buzzing bees and also some rainbow parrots that talk like us.
  2. Oh well, I guess there will be another egg dispenser....but it might more costly...
  3. Harry Potter Joke The Panda Doll will crawl through the night, grab a tombstone and place it near your bed I wish for a Jukebox
  4. This is why I mentioned giving rep in my signature! lol
  5. I thing this is a superb idea! You deserve more reputation for this Steve *clicks on the really really small + sign*
  6. Loving Only Vivaciously Interesting New Girls SUMMER
  7. May I Seriously See In Someones Sack If Perhaps Privately Interested (Genius eh? lol) MAGICAL
  8. Vines Are Never Iced Like Los Angeles SILVER
  9. I found this idea on another site suggested to me by a member and thought you guys might like to try it. The idea is to make a reasonable sentence from the letters provided by the previous poster For Example: Poster 1 says: t r i p s Poster 2 replies: To Rap In Proper Sentences a d m i t Idea by riesey
  10. Added mirror picture and bird house picture.....searching for last one
  11. It wouldn't be that great when it starts kicking you I wish for a Stainless Steel Toilet
  12. Pet's Name: Spunk Pet's Sex: Male Preferred Colors: Um...no specific colour, but rather its a theme How about a sort of Star Wars theme with a death star in the back ground Items/wordings (if any): [On top]Master of PWN [On Bottom] Darth Vader would have been proud Can you also have him wear a darth vader like suit? Thanks P.S I sent you an f/r so that you can take your own pic however you like
  13. But you keep your ultra rare jack o lantern set on it and the shelf collapses, smushing the pumpkins as well I wish for a Cyclops couch
  14. This Portal News Thread has been classified as Old News Thread Locked
  15. Leave out all the rest - Linkin Park Don't you know that...
  16. Thats not my name - The Ting Tings When will you go home?
  17. If I Were A Boy - Beyonce Will you...
  18. Did you know that 99.9999998% of pink jellos are NOT PINK!!! I wish for a thousand coins
  19. *Thread Moved To Forum Games Thread* They turn out to be really old, fungus covered rocks carved into shamrocks I wish for a Toaster
  20. *slaps fore head* So a prune is a dried PLUM!
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