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  1. LOL, no one can study 24 hours a day Your petlings only need like 1 food a day. You can visit all your friends in an hour or two if you have many of them like I do. So, just balance it out a little
  2. First of all, you're not a freak! I've been around gay people and "normal" people and they're just - people Don't feel bad about yourself - and trust in yourself. Going the "hard" path can sometimes be very liberating - because it's your life, and you get to chose who to love - not your friends, family, or whoever. Holding back, maybe you'll miss some wonderful things that await you in life. Your loved ones should know that it's not your fault if you're gay (if you're gay), and love you no matter what. Regarding your friend... well, if you're at college or high school, this is the perfect time to experiment (I had my first bi kiss in college- it was fun, but I still prefer guys LOL). Maybe you should have an honest talk, see how she feels, and then - if she doesn't feel the same about you, try and not make a drama out of it, but stay friends no matter what I wish you all best, and good luck, whatever you decide
  3. Lava lampe svih vrsta i oblika Spooky 5/25 Love Heart 34/99 Black Rocket 32/99 od ostalih imam po jednu
  4. Seems that there isn't a room of the week competition this week... why is that? Or did I miss it? Hmm...
  5. Hmm... let's see 1) Oooh, yes! That's the spot! 2) There, there! I'm sure everything will be just fine! 3) Smooches! 4) Here! Now are you satisfied? 5) Uh-oh, I think we're stuck!
  6. Here's mine: That's where Zlostvor and Trillian will go when they get married
  7. Whee! Just turned level 41! New room to decorate, yaay!
  8. I work with mouse, too (although I have a tablet, but I don't feel comfortable using it). I find it much easier when I draw at pixel level (enlarge the picture at 300% or something like that)... That way it's much easier to work on smallest details
  9. I wonder which is preferred - drawn by hand or a combination of snapshots? I see that most banners (not only here) are snapshots from the game... but I somehow prefer making them myself - there's more me in there, more ways to express myself
  10. Let's revive this thread, I can't look at this Rock any more Thanks! The person below me gets 5 different Halloween Candies (all besides candy corn, I don't have those)
  11. 1) "Now you're done it! I know kung fu! Hayaaaa!" 2) "Where on earth did I put my make up kit!?" 3) "Oh, snap! I knew I shouldn't finished that last tequila..."
  12. Well, here's another one Feedback would be appreciated http://i954.photobucket.com/albums/ae29/friki222/banner3.jpg?t=1264874252
  13. Lol, why not make it the other way round? I'd happily trade my 500 coins for 5CC
  14. Thank you! The person below me gets Halloween Night Floor
  15. Thank you! The next person will get a Snowman Wool Cap, Mont Blanc Cake and Halloween Candy Cane!
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