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  1. OMG! Purple wallpaper at leaaaasssttttt!
  2. Only few people can purchase the limited items?!
  3. Can someone send me the plushie please?
  4. OMG the changes are really amazing & exciting The blue color is for male pets & the pink is for female pets right? The access for home & shops is better than adding extra icons! You just leave any house & see them all in a beautiful map The take a photo is better now as you can add your pet to the full view: Also the way of representing received gifts is more practical & time saver! A BIG THANK YOU TO PLAYFISH
  5. Do you mean that I buy a fish biscuit as a gift? Thats cool! let's do it! 3 biscuits for 3 sets Whats the procedure?
  6. [quote="lea75"]This is a quote from TOF Valentine Cash Bait Fish Valentine Bearfish Dovefish Lovely Octopus Valentine Giftfish Fish-in-love I think these are not all the items because I've got 10 fishes so far
  7. Is it a real quiz? I mean is there a correct answer? It says that I'm not any where closer! I think it's a joke right?
  8. You know.. I stopped sharing the hideeni gift because of that! I just click & cancel
  9. The blue box items are really hard to get!!
  10. Itsliberty

    What do you..

    Depends on my mood! 8) If I'm in the playing mood, I go to restaurant city & country story. (I go there any way!!) If I'm slightly in the creative mood, I'll make some blingees or a mobile theme. If I'm totally in the creative mood, I do some pots for the growing gifts application or some digital scrapping. If I'm just in the wasting time mood, I play word challenge or who has the biggest brain games. If I'm in a bad mood, I go to lotus tarot & do a tarot reading online!!
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