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Everything posted by Alexi1211

  1. Dexter's Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, I am Weasel, Powerpuff girls, ... xD oh I miss my childhood
  2. Can I have Witch of the West outfit or just witch of the west fireball thank you anyway
  3. I love Death Note, Naruto, One Piece,... xD does anyone here love cosplay?
  4. Insane Alice from the game Alice Madness Returns Silent Nurse from the game Silent Hill and Cannibal Doctor from Silent of the Lambs movie
  5. Alexi1211

    [Close Please] :D

    waiting for the make up kit xD received the make up kit! thank youuuuu Renny rep added
  6. Alexi1211

    [Close Please] :D

    okay okay that's fine ^_^
  7. Alexi1211

    [Close Please] :D

    I can do 99 x 5999 + 18cc or 180 x 5999
  8. Alexi1211

    [Close Please] :D

    Can you do 38cc Renny? I really really want Halloween Make Up Kit I can pay in 5999s and can add up to 20cc
  9. I can send first of course going to send 80 x 5999 now
  10. I want 2 Dark Fairy Outfit 2 Princess Fairy Outfit 2 Queen Fairy Outfit 1 King Fairy Outfit 1 Prince Outfit
  11. what bundles do you have? I'm thinking of buying all of them XD is 10 x 5999 each bundle is reasonable price? tell me if it's too low
  12. same here! T_T I lost my 15 fish baits
  13. I'm looking for Forest Fairies Mystery Outfits Feel free to make your offer Thanks
  14. I don't want this to be forgotten too people here are so nice
  15. Thank for a very nice trade rep added
  16. all sent and received. Thank you for a very nice trade ^^ rep added
  17. Thanks. loading PS and going to send payments
  18. can I take 1 Dorothy and Witch of West for 25 x 5999?
  19. Hi, I have a witch of the east and 1x flying monkey. 12x5999 each if you're keen okay deal I'll send payment now
  20. I'm looking for 2 Flying Monkey Outfit Witch of the East Outfit Witch of the North Outfit Dorothy Outfit for me and my friends do you have any of those bundles ?
  21. Are you selling any Wizard of Oz outfit bundles?
  22. urghh I don't know it's price is 10 x 5999 ok? >.<
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