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  1. LadyArden


    I've been playing farmville a lot lately in addition to PS, anyone who would like to add me as a neightbor feel free to mention you're from PSFC or if i'm a friend already just send me a request -thanks! I'm still too new to have any tips yet. Cheers!
  2. Wow Gaia, so very kind of you! I have only opened one egg so far, so I won't ask for any. I just wanted to say thanks for showing such kindness and wish you luck in getting your dwarf set! Cheers!
  3. May I pick FlyEve, #11 please? Do we post if we've sent our gifts to the person who chose us already? Mine have been sent now, sorry I was a bit late today. Merry Christmas to all!
  4. I sent my answers in, but I sent them to the wrong person (Silly me!) If I need to redo them, please let me know. This was good fun!
  5. Yes, I rad they've handed out deer plushies and 15 CC as an apology finally if you were supposed to have gotten one but didn't
  6. Is this still going? I see there's 1 prize left still? Cheers for hosting a competition that's mega-long and so many people have participated in.
  7. Well done! I hope they give us a while to earn it before replacing it.. I've logged in every day but haven't gotten the plusie yet. Good luck everyone!
  8. Congrats to you! It's about time Playfish made up for that mistake. I'm really happy that got resolved for everyone affected. Cheers!
  9. Aw, esperia.. you're too kind. Chay -Thank you very much! I've sent a pm joining in the fun. I appreciate the help, it's so nice to visit the forums again and be back playing this fun game.
  10. Aw, thank you so much Esperia! I really appreciate the help hon. Rep for you!
  11. Hi everyone, sorry I've been away from the forums for a while, as it does sometimes life's been busy! I've missed being here, and being more active in PS a lot. The forums look so festive and as always are full of great people. I'm not sure I quite know my way around though with all the changes. I was sent a note in PS from the FAD group about the gift exchange here, but I can't seem to find where to sign up to participate. I'd appreciate any help in locating this particular thread if anyone wouldn't mind pointing it out to me, I'm still new to the group thing. Happy Holidays everyone, and thanks for stopping by!
  12. Nice idea! Very generous too. Always this is the most fun place, I'm sorry I've missed it lately.
  13. I think people like to see pets in -I would love to be in a PSFC banner -there are no red pets in the current banner and red pets are so cute!
  14. Wow, Betty, I love the Flash one! All of these are amazing, I wish you could put up all of them, or rotate through, even if there is only 1 winner!
  15. Love, Love Love Stereophonics, I logged in today just to listen to this video! Ty for sharing it!
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