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  1. O, I never new they were so hard to get...maby i should just give up....
  2. well that certainly is strange.... I think the best thing to do at this point is to report it to Playfish. Why dont you tell them about the problem? Click on this link- http://www.playfish.com/support/ and then clicking on 'request support'. I sure hoped that helped you there
  3. or right, well unfortunately, i don;t think i have 20 bubble chairs...
  4. Ok, were can i buy you these bubble chairs and princess beds???
  5. Hello there, and thankyou for reading! I really really really really really want a fox plushie! If anyone has one, please contact me via pm or leave a reply so we can come up with a deal! I am so so so desperate for one, and by trading me one would make my day! Please, please please, help. If you know anyone who has a spare please let me know by leaving a reply! Thankyou xx
  6. Sherbet Lemon


    Thats strange, its never happened to me before... Is there no one you can contact about this to get the problem resolved??
  7. Hello, and thankyou for reading. I while ago, I was browsing people's pet's houses, when suddenly my eyes were cought by the most amazing item I have seen, the Pink Jukebox. For a very long time, I have been searching for one with no luck, so I have decided to make a post for everyone to see. As you know now, the Pink Jukebox is my ultimate dream item and I will go to many lengths to get one. I can't do it by my own as they are no longer available to purchise from shops. So please, could anyone help me out? if you do, you would probably make me the most happiest girl in the word! If you are interested in helping me achieve my dream, please private message me or leave a reply. But before you do that, please have a look at my payment in exchange for your Pink Jukebox below. Payment- My payment to you is any item you want from any shop no matter how much it costs! Unfortunately, I cannot purchise Playfish Cash items as I don't have any Playfish Cash. But, bare in mind, I do accept any donations to! So please, get in touch by PM or leave a reply if you are interested! I hope to hear from you soon. Thankyou x
  8. I agree. every game i L.O.V.E have problems and every game I H.A.T.E have no problems at all.... Well, we must get on with our lives...lol
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