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  1. That helps. I had a very hard day today. My sister's husband's brother's partner and 3 year old son were killed in a horrific car crash and their funerals were today. What an awful thing to happen. The worst part is this is the second child this guy has had to bury, his first child lost a battle with cancer at only 4 years old. The poor guy!! I couldn't believe it, just so so so awful. Oh my! That's horrible!
  2. Yep, it is At least I have my hubby to give me hugs :_)
  3. You sure can I'll go send it now Thanks a lot, hun You made me smile, I'm pretty sad today A car ran over my parents kitty and I can't stop crying
  4. Jen, can I have one Witch of the West? Tell me if you're seeking something, I have a lot of things lately
  5. Aww, thanks Now I have them all ^___^ I'm trying to get my husband back into the game, I'm sure he would love this costume
  6. Hi! I have a lot of hot dogs and I still need a metal man bundle. Does anyone want to swap them? You can use this thread to swap yours with others, of course
  7. Yes, I'm sure! It's only poo!!!!
  8. I'm in love with that dress. IN LOVE. So, I want to buy the bundle
  9. Costumes are great and some plushies and ghosts are amazing. I thinks it's difficult to beat previous years, we have too many halloween items
  10. The rag doll is Sally, from Nightmare before Christmas The goth bride and both Pettlegeuse are from Beetlejuice The undead bride has the best wig, but I sooo love the dress from the goth bride
  11. Congrats!!! Mine was a pony. It was the worst idea ever, because then I wanted more, so the next time I earned enough CC, I bought another one >. My hubby saw me like a child with the ponies and gifted me CCs to buy a lot of them... and now I'm addicted. So, the meaning of this boring story I'm telling you is... BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU WISH!!! It can make you mad like me LOL
  12. Congrats to both!!! I'm very happy for you, you finally got what you deserve!!!
  13. I have spares too: lavender and 2 raspberry girls. Whoever needs them, just say it, I don't need any
  14. They only came out in the US, if you reedemed a code found in the bottles Country bears plushies: Ravishing red wig dye table: Bunny sweetheart outfit: Geek chic outfit: Fizzy fruits mystery seeds: I really really really want the dye table
  15. Hi!! I have an extra unopened Queen fairy outfit and I really want the Dr Pepper dye table, so if anyone want to swap them I'll be very happy
  16. I think real life has abducted us >. Anyway, I don't think this forum could be forgotten!!!
  17. Thanks for the heads up, Tromo, but I always forget it, anyway
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