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  1. i would like 2 buy the Chestnut plushie please. can I pay in 999s?
  2. can i please get the halloween party cake and the toffee apple
  3. can i please get the BEANS POD and the BALLROOM CAKE tty
  4. Loch Ness Plushie and Ducky Parade Balloon plz
  5. hello i would like to buy some clothes I have wanted these clothes for a long time ever since i saw it at my friends house (pet society house obviously) please post if u wanna sell to me here are the dresses i wanna buy: sweet halloween dress set santa girl dress set daffodil dress set (one that i want most!!! ) cute which dress set premiere dress fashion pink dress set bluebell dress i hope to get as many of these as possible because at the end of the year i am going to have a fancy dress party!!! i can only pay in 999s so hope u dont mind
  6. for fish in a jar and summer sofa
  7. hello can i please buy 2 chocolate poo,a mystery cake,toy set decor,piggy and grey deer plushie
  8. hiyy may i please get the Bloody Bunny Plushie Mini Festive Cake Chocolate Bunnie White Chocolate Bunnie how much?
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